Amazon Quiz Answers Today [for 21 August 2022]

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It’s likely that the quiz debuted sometime in 2017, though its lack of initial popularity may have contributed to its slow rise to prominence. The quiz has recently gained popularity in India.

Amazon Quiz August 21, 2022

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Question 1 of 5:

Avinash Sable set a new national record as he won silver in which event at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

The answer is- 3000 m steeplechase

Question 2 of 5:

Secret ________ is a newly announced web series that will star Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Fill in the blanks

The answer is- Invasion

Question 3 of 5: 

Founded by the organization ‘Big Cat Rescue, 10th August is celebrated as what day?

The answer is- World Lion DaY

Question 4 of 5:

This is the flag of which country?

The answer is- Jamaica

Question 5 of 5:

Where is this majestic cathedral located?

The answer is- Milan

Amazon Quiz August 19, 2022

Question 1 of 5:

Who among these famous Indian sportspeople was ruled out of the Commonwealth Games due to injury?

Answer– Neeraj Chopra

 Question 2 of 5:

Tenoch Huerta would be seen playing which Marvel character in the movie ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Answer- Namor

Question 3 of 5: 

The _______ yatra was recently halted briefly, following the closure of the Jammu-Srinagar national highway at Ramban. Fill in the blanks

Answer- Amarnath

Question 4 of 5:

Name this temple that derives its name from the personification of the radiations of the rising sun.

The correct answer is – Wat Arun

Question 5 of 5:

In which continent are the majority of these animals located?

The correct answer is – Africa

Amazon Quiz Winner List

  • 6th February 2022 Amazon Quiz Winner – ₹1,000 Amazon Pay Balance
    • Mayur Hore
  • 26th December 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner – ₹10,000 Amazon Pay balance
    • Sushila Awatwani
    • Angshuman
    • Piduguayyappa
    • Pravalika
  • 25th December 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner – ₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance
    • Priya
    • Rajib Bag
    • Margesh
    • Amit Mourya
    • Sunil
    • Jayesh Modi
    • Kapila Bhatt
    • Minakshi Patil
    • Mohammed Rumaiz
    • Anand Mishra
  • 24th December 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner – ₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance
    • Rasik, 789800
  • 23rd December 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner – ₹5,000 Amazon Pay Balance
    •  K. Renu
    •  Syeda Naziya
  • 22nd December 2021 Amazon Quiz Winner – ₹30,000 Pay Balance Winners
    •  Latha

Amazon Daily Quiz: Questions & Answers

Here is the list of quizzes that were taken over the last 4 days with their correct answers.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 18th August 2022: Win ₹500 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
Who among these Sri Lankan bowlers has taken 21 wickets in his first 2 Test matches?
Correct Answer: Prabath Jayasuriya

Question 2:
In the movie ‘DC League of Super- Pets’ , who gives the voice for Krypto- Superman’s dog?
Correct Answer: Dwayne Johnson

Question 3: 
The closure of which company’s copper smelter plant at Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu has resulted in an INR 14,749 crore loss to the economy?
Correct Answer: Vedanta

Question 4:
The boy in the center of this picture is affected by which genetic disorder?
Correct Answer: Down’s Syndrome

Question 5:
What are the 3 protruding elements on this equipment held by the woman called?
Correct Answer: Fins

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 17th August 2022: Win ₹1,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
Argentine star Paulo Dybala was recently unveiled as a new player at which famous football club?
Correct Answer: AS Roma

Question 2:
Uunchai starring Amitabh Bachchan and Boman Irani is the 60th film of which iconic production house?
Correct Answer: Rajshri Productions

Question 3:
Which of these companies has recently announced its support to the Indian Army for conducting trials with drones?
Correct Answer: Garuda Aerospace

Question 4:
This is a picture of which planet as seen from Voyager II in 1989?
Correct Answer: Neptune

Question 5:
Which of these parts of the body, normally considered vital, do these animals have?
Correct Answer: None of these

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 16th August 2022: Win ₹20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
During the India vs West Indies ODI series in July 2022, which of these cricketers made his ODI debut?
Correct Answer: Avesh Khan

Question 2:
In the Hindi adaptation of Forrest Gump, what is the name of the character being played by Aamir Khan?
Correct Answer: Laal Singh Chaddha

Question 3:
Which of these airlines cancelled over a 1000 flights recently due to ground staff walkout?
Correct Answer: Lufthansa

Question 4:
What famous tourist location has been shown here?
Correct Answer: Santorini

Question 5:
The animal who inspires the name of this article of clothing is a/an _____ . Fill in the blanks
Correct Answer: Reptile

Amazon Quiz Answers Today for 15th August 2022: Win ₹500 Amazon Pay Balance

Question 1:
Which country has decided to quit the International Space Station after 2024?
Correct Answer: Russia

Question 2:
Who clocked the second fastest time in history in the women’s 200m , on her way to winning World Championship gold in 2022?
Correct Answer: Shericka Jackson

Question 3:
Good Luck Jerry’ is a movie released in July 2022, starring which actress in the lead role?
Correct Answer: Janhvi Kapoor

Question 4:
Which of these is the name of an astronomical body that appears every 76 years?
Correct Answer: Halley’s comet

Question 5:
In which state of India is this UNESCO World Heritage Site located?
Correct Answer: Assam