8 Best Carpet Rugs for Living Room India (June 2022)

Looking for the best carpet for your living room, recommendation, well you have arrived at the right place. Your carpets and rugs is a crucial part of your living room decor and they can determine its entire vibe, feel, and atmosphere. A good quality carpet or rug makes all the difference in how your space looks and feels.

Great quality carpets and rugs transform your entire living room vibe and ambiance. When the focus is on your floor, the rest of the room will feel that much more pulled together. Not only do they provide comfort to walking around barefoot, but they also absorb sound – so you can relax in peace.

In addition to adding an instant spark of glamour, they also give you a spot to gather with friends and family, play games with kids or pets, just lounge, or binge-watch your favorite shows. If you’re in need of a new carpet or rug to make your home cozier, here are some details you should know about before buying one.

Difference between Carpets and Rugs

While carpets and rugs are often used interchangeably, they differ quite a bit in terms of both material and design. For example, rugs are normally smaller than carpets and are more commonly used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen. Carpets are mostly for living rooms and bedrooms. And of course, there’s the whole debate between wall-to-wall carpeting (minimizing moisture issues) vs hardwood flooring (easier to clean).

Rugs usually do not cover all of the floors but remain spaced out, while carpets typically cover the entire surface. This makes rugs more suitable for decorative purposes, while carpets are generally used to keep down noise and look nice. Carpets are sometimes cleaned and rugs aren’t. Rugs can be rolled up and easier to take around, but they don’t last as long or provide as good of insulation as carpets.

These are our Recommended list of  Best Carpets/Rugs for Living Room India

1. Tauhid Carpet – The Art Of Weaving With Device Of Tc Modern Area Rug


  • Primary Material: ‎     Microfiber
  • Size‎:                             8 x 10 Feet Xtra Large
  • Weight:                       25 Kilograms

[amazon box=”B07SX8V77L” description=”

  • Make a statement with your flooring by laying down this one-of-a-kind, handmade area rug. This piece is skillfully handwoven of cotton and it’s constructed to last for many years, providing superior comfort while adding an element of elegance to any space.
  • This piece is the perfect thing to spice up your home or office floor making your space more inviting and comfortable. You can place this rug in the living room, rec room, kitchen, dining room, or family room.
  • Combine it with different patterns and solids for a dramatic effect–we recommend using one large area rug as the focal point for your space.
  • Each rug is handmade of a high-density, plush cotton pile and weighs 25 pounds to prevent it from sliding on the surface. The modern style of this rug will give your room a contemporary accent while providing superb comfort and style. “]

2. Carpetfly Collection Hand Carved Contemporary Rug


  • Primary Material: ‎     Wool Blend
  • Size‎:                             7×7 Feet
  • Weight:                       12 Kilograms

[amazon box=”B08P7NZRPH” description=”This contemporary rug will add the marvelous characteristics of a rare heirloom to any home decor. Hand-tufted in India using premium wool for long-wearing beauty and performance, this handwoven object of art will be a natural foundation piece in any modern space. The handmade, hand-tufted construction adds durability to this rug, ensuring it will be a favorite for many years. CARPETFLY has been a trusted brand for uncompromised quality and unmatched style.”]

One of the biggest pluses I see is this carpet/rug is made in India Product and is hand crafted in Bhadohi. The hand-tufted construction ensures long-wearing beauty and performance.

3.  Taukir Carpets Handwoven Plain shag Collection 


  • Primary Material: ‎    Super soft microfiber
  • Size‎:                             8×8 Feet
  • Weight:                       20 Kilograms

[amazon box=”B09H7Q6GGV” description=”This awesome carpet is hand-tufted by traditional weavers in bhadohi, India and its quality of fabric ensure long-lasting quality.

These rugs are made from 100% super-soft microfiber silk that feels as good as it looks. Simply hand wash with a damp cloth and mild soap and let air dry flat for best results. The dust will easily clean with a vacuum cleaner. “]

To sum it up, I would say the Taukir carpet handwoven shaggy rug is a beautifully soft pile rug that evokes comfort and relaxation. It is ideal for such places in your home as the living room, bedroom, or kids’ playroom. In addition to its beauty, the carpet adds a touch of elegance to any furniture and decor style, regardless of color or theme.

5. Rugs & Arts Berry Design Traditional Carpet



  • Primary Material: ‎    Wool Blend, Wool
  • Size‎:                             6×9 Feet
  • Weight:                       18 Kilograms

[amazon box=”B08PDQCYGR” description=”Rugs & Arts Berry Design Traditional Carpet is made of 100% Handcraft pure wool with a traditional Persian design.

We find that most of their colors are inspired by the natural elements that shine in nature and you will experience them come to life creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home. The softness of these Superfine wool threads makes the carpet durable and its genuine colors last for years.

Each piece is bejeweled with intricate designs, makes it delicate and elegant.”]

We think that this rug will add a modern touch to your living room vibe and add a special touch to your home. This rug is made of 100% pure wool that has been dyed in a large color range. Handmade by master craftsmen, this handmade carpet is available in multiple sizes. It has a traditional design with today’s modern look and color scheme.

6. Zayan Rugs Handmade Woolen Carpet 


  • Primary Material: ‎    Wool
  • Size‎:                             5×7 Feet
  • Weight:                       12 Kilograms

[amazon box=”B08MD8KMQD” description=”Handmade for your home, by skilled artisans in India, this gorgeous carpet brought a thousand memories to mind. Hand tufting and durable cotton canvas backing bring you years of bright memories, along with lasting beauty. While its solid construction makes it great for the everyday abuse that kids just can’t help themselves playing on them”]

This is a premium quality wool handmade grey rug that is perfect for any room or decor. It is a great value high-quality rug that will instantly add fashion to any room’s decor. This rug features trendy colors as well as its design. It is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and does not shed. This quality product can be used on floors or used as wall art of your choice

7. Ozone Carpet Pure Wool Carpet Rug 


  • Primary Material: ‎    Wool
  • Size‎:                             8×10 Feet
  • Weight:                       29 Kilograms

[amazon box=”B08CZKHMQH” description=”Showcase your sense of sophistication with our Ozone Carpet Company’s hand-woven wool carpets. Its unique color combinations and binding on edge make these handmade carpets the perfect addition to any room in your home or office.

These are crafted from a mix of wool and are ideal for high foot traffic areas. Widely known for our 1.5″ of high-quality naturally stain and fade resistant carpets, our rugs are backed by a canvas backing.”]

8. Rugs & Arts Berry Design Handmade Woolen


  • Primary Material: ‎    Wool
  • Size‎:                             6×9 Feet
  • Weight:                       18 Kilograms

[amazon box=”B08PDQNB2V” description=”

Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. Rugs Arts brings you this Berry Design Handmade Woolen Crafted Carpet. Constructed from wool, this rug is a true woolen masterpiece.

It’s manufactured with premium quality wool and hand-tufted. Cotton canvas backing adds strength to the carpet and makes it more durable. The paint has been treated and has been provided with high-quality chemicals making them resistant to stains & fading.

This product would be the perfect add on to your dream home decor.”]

What we felt while using this rug is that it is a beautifully handmade area rug where the yarns are hand-tufted, also known as hand-knotted, one by one. The backing of this area rug is cotton canvas and the wool yarns are used in the front that are hand tufted.

This area rug has been made with natural colors so there will be variation in color. It will add warmth and texture to any room.

Carpet Rugs for Living Room- Buying Guide

Size and Color of Carpet

Always keep a measuring tape handy at your home. Make sure you have the correct dimension of your living space, either near sofas or a place where you are planning to keep your rug.

Color choice is a very subjective topic and it varies as per the taste and personal choice of individuals. In our opinion grey color is something that always goes well with all types of interior themes. we suggest making your decision first before placing an order.

Non Slippery Carpet rugs

The base for the rug should be a non-slip surface that will fit snugly against the floor and will remain stationary even if water gets on it. This criterion is especially important for young children and the elderly.

Material of Carpet

Depending on your budget, one can go for different material types. Rugs with Polyester Yarn are cheaper than one which is made up of Premium Wool.  One should keep in mind that how you need to clean your rugs will also depend on material type as you should not be harsh on rugs made up of premium wool.

Resistant to wear and tear

In rooms where there are constant temperature changes, a lot of moisture collects, creating favorable conditions for the development of harmful bacteria. Select only those models that are highly resistant to moisture. For example, polypropylene, acrylic products. They dry quickly, thereby not creating a specific environment for the reproduction of microorganisms.

Easy to Clean

Rugs should be Vacuum friendly without much wear and tear. Always keep in mind the material of your rugs before going for dry vacuum or wet vacuum cleaning.

Look and Feel of Carpets

The shape, design, color scheme can be any, the main thing is that the product looks harmoniously with the design of the bathroom. And thanks to the wide selection of online stores at Amazon.

Carpet and Rugs for Living Room Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different Materials / Fibers of carpets?

The fibers that make up the carpet’s surface are constructed clearly play the most significant role, as it is the surface that is the one that people walk on, and also the one that is most exposed to dust and dirt.

The fibers are classified into two major categories, which are synthetic and natural fibers. However, on another hand, it is important to emphasize the importance that carpets and rugs made from woven vinyl that, because of their aesthetic and technical qualities are a significant portion of the residential and professional or contract market.

Characteristics of Natural Fiber Rugs:

Natural fibers can be divided into animal and vegetable fibers. In the case of vegetable fibers, the most popular for creating carpets and rugs are Sisal and algae. These are, in addition to being extremely attractive because of their artisan aesthetics, are strong and durable fibers, which make them a great choice for areas with high traffic.

Sisal Rugs/Carpets

Seaweed and sisal are among the strongest natural fibers that is an aspect to consider when making a selection. But that’s not the only feature that draws us to these fibers. Rather, specificities like their stain resistance and their ability to be used as rugs for people suffering from allergies which contain dust and block it from moving through the air, and facilitating their cleaning by using an air cleaner. or a brush and the possibility of them being cost-effective for everyone are likely to have led to the choice already.

Wool carpets and wool rugs

Of all the natural rugs made of animal fiber, without doubt, wool rugs are among the most sought-after and there’s an explanation for everything. We all have heard about the ease of use these rugs offer as well as the pleasure they bring to the eyes and the tactile sensation However, there are less recognized aspects that need to be recognized.

Carpets and wool rugs in contrast to what people believe are insulating from both heat and cold, which is why their use is suggested for any season as it can reduce the use of energy.

Wool fibers naturally curled. They are extremely elastic meaning that they recover their original form following the crushing of a piece of furniture or another object and retain their color better due to their ability to absorb dye in greater depth. Both of these technical characteristics mean a more long-lasting rug as well as your carpet.

The structure of wool fibers stops dirt from penetrating deeply into your rug or carpet, making it simple to clean using the use of a vacuum cleaner or simple brushing. There are numerous studies that demonstrate that areas that are adorned with these types of carpets reduce dust particles in the air by up to 80 percent.

Wool is strong acoustic insulation that blocks sound, this is the reason it is widely used in private homes as also in hotels and other public places.

Woven Vinyl Rugs/Carpet

Some of the important features and characteristics of vinyl rugs are as follows:

  • The rugs can be washable and are resistant to strong corrosive cleaning chemicals like bleach This makes them suitable for use as outdoor rugs or kitchen rugs.
  • It blocks dust and hair from animals, which is why it’s ideal as a mats mat for people suffering from allergies as well as for pet owners.
  • Allows heat flow in the event of radiating heating, Abrasion levels are low which makes them suitable for use as a rug for children.
  • They are non-slip, which means they prevent accidents. Produced in a manner that takes care of the environment.

Synthetic fiber Carpets/Rugs

Carpets and synthetic carpets are highly sought-after nowadays, principally due to their durability and resistance to wear and also because the treated fiber, which absorbs less moisture, can be easy to clean. But this demand doesn’t just is due to practical aspects, but also about the fibers like polypropylene or polyamide that have seen a huge improvement in the last times, allowing us to create an item that blends the advantages of natural fibers and the advantages of the latest materials. And the result is practical carpets and rugs as well as amazing quality and style as well as an appearance, colors, and textures that would otherwise not be possible to attain.