Top 11 Best DIY Frameless 3D wall clocks for your Living Room India (January 2022)

Let me take a guess, you have seen one of those frameless DIY wall clocks in some random trending video and have wondered where you can buy one for your home? Well, let me tell you these are one of those latest hot trends which can drastically transform your living room. They add a minimalistic modern vibe to your living space. I am sure you will be getting a lot of compliments with many querries from you guest. Questions such as where did you buy, what was your selection criteria, and all. So before you buy, here are some points you should keep in mind.

  1. Can I move to a different place/location once installed?
  2. How to change the battery
  3. Are there any warranty support
  4. Are there any offline store available in case you want to have a look in a more practical way possible
  5. How many colors available and how it will go with your current wall color
  6. Is it Child safe

Things to Keep in Mind before buying 3D Frameless wall Clocks

  1. Clock Size/Area: Check, how many areas or circumference/ perimeter they cover on the wall. This is important as you may not want to buy a too large wall clock if your living room space is less.
  2. Material: Check for the material quality of Minute and Hour hands. It is better to buy which are made up of metal as it will add to the premium look of these frameless wall clocks
  3. Glue Stckiness Quality: Since these are stuck on the wall with glue/double tape sticker. Make sure they are of the highest quality. Typically 3M has the best quality so always look if they have mentioned this on their product description
  4. Installation Guide: Always look to the installation instruction guide as it will help to get that flawless look if done right.
  5. Warranty: A good wall clock should come with 2 years of warranty.

With these questions in mind, I am sure you can make a great purchase decision.

Here are some Best seller DIY wall Clock on Amazon

1. Kurtzy DIY Designer Creative  Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B07G3DNL23″]

2. Vangold Frameless DIY Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B01EY7ILQY”]

3. Rrimin Plastic DIY Wall Clock 

[amazon box=”B06XTSPR8L”]

4. Kurtzy DIY Designer Creative Radium Night Glow Wall Clock 

[amazon box=”B08B8F63VF”]

5. DIY Wall Clock from shopper Acrylic DIY Wall Clock Sticker

[amazon box=”B07V3X9LHZ”]

6. shopper 3D DIY Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B07V95TSZN”]

7. DHUNIKART DIY Digital Wall Clock 3D Mirror Surface

[amazon box=”B08RXT7FC3″]

8. Miles Retail 3D DIY Self Adhesive Modern Wall Clock 

[amazon box=”B08PDKBG2G”]

9. Blue Monkey DIY Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B082MB2Q74″]

10.Unique Gadget DIY Wall Clock 3D Sticker Home Office Decor 3D Wall Clock

[amazon box=”B076ZRB4LF”]

11. New Frameless Wall Clock Living Room DIY 3D from Metro

[amazon box=”B01M2YUKEP”]