5 Best Front Load Washing Machine in India (June 2022)

Looking for the Best Front Loading washing machine in India, well this article can help you make an informed decision. Before we get into our discussion, do you know that the front loading machine is more efficient than a top-loading washing machine in removing dirt from your clothes? Well, it simple gravitational equation that works here and makes it easier for machines to remove dirt from centrifugal and gravitational force combined. In our opinion, you should always buy a front-load washing machine if you have the required budget.

Front Load Washing Machine- Buying Guide


The size of a washing machine’s drum is measured in volume, ranging from “large” (approximately 0.06 m 3 to 0.08 m 3 ) to “extra large” (from 0.08 m3 to 0.1 m 3 ). Unless you are washing bulky items such as fleeces and heavy coats, expect a maximum load of 5kg to 6kg for large capacity machines and 7kg or more for extra large machines. Front-loading machines can normally bear 3.5kg to 4kg.

Touch/manual Controls

There are spinners, touch panels, and the latest touch screens. Rotary controls are cheaper and have a long history of performing well. The other styles raise the price of the machine but can be useful once you understand its operation.

Hot and Cold Cleaning

It heats the water as it enters the machine, ensuring its proper temperature. There are a few Washing Machines that are hot water-friendly. Therefore, if this is a crucial feature to you, make sure to check before purchasing. Hot water is a great feature because it can take away the most soiled dirt, and also disinfects clothing.

Please note that In the case of items that are delicate hot water may cause them to make the clothing appear dull and shrink the clothing.

Water level control

Front loading washing machines automatically adjust the water level to the size of the load and are more efficient at using water. Machines with top loaders often require you to guess the proper water level. To control water usage on a top-loading machine, you will prefer the option of four or five water levels. Some cheaper models only have one water level. It is best to avoid these units. They will make you use a lot of water.

Automatic dispensers

Features that allow washing products to enter the machine at the right time. They include dispensers for bleach, fabric softener, and washing powder. Each of these products can be added manually, but the dispensers are very practical.

Time Setting

The feature that delays operation by up to 12 hours. This allows you to take advantage of low electricity rates and use hot water when it is not being used by other family members.

Drum material

Washing machine drums are made of porcelain-covered steel, plastic or stainless steel. All are durable, although porcelain drums break more easily.

List of best front load washing machines in India

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These are the Best Front Loading Washing Machine India 2022

1. Samsung 7 Kg Wi-Fi Enabled Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This Samsung front loading washing machine comes with an inverter motor with a digital design that will last for a longer. It also comes with integrated Hygiene steam to enhance the cleanliness of the washing.

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It comes with the Diamond Drum that is gentle on clothing. It has the Quick Wash feature that gives clean laundry in only 15 minutes. This Samsung washing machine is silent in its operation and comes with a Child Lock feature for those accidental key presses.

2. LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This front-loading washing machine from LG comes with impressive six washing motions which should allow for gentle washing of clothing and cleaning them effectively. Loaded with this washing machine is an impressive motor attached to the drum which reduces sound and vibration enabling less wear and tear over time.

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Another interesting feature is the heater that it comes with that can warm water to up to 60 degrees Celsius to get rid of the tough stains. It has an LED control panel with waterproof lighting which makes it easier to use. The LG front loading washer is able to handle 8kg and is an ideal option for cleaning your laundry at your home.

3. Samsung 6.5 Kg Inverter 5 star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This Samsung front-loading washing machine has a diamond drum that claims to guard against damage to your clothes by utilizing effective washing. It features a ceramic heating element that prevents the accumulation of water scale to build up within the machine. It comes with wash modes for wool, cotton, or delicate materials.

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It comes with a quick wash feature that helps to cut down on time and gives your laundry a clean and fresh look. It claims to provide the quietest but most powerful performance due to its inverter system. It is the Samsung Front Load Washing machine promises to provide effective washes, while saving the environment and the water.

4. IFB 6 Kg 5 Star Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This IFB front-loading washing machine comes with the Aqua Energie feature which the company claims helps to dissolve the detergent more effectively and proportionally for better cleaning and care of your clothes. It comes with 15 wash programs, and an option to express wash to clean clothes with a light stain quickly.

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This washing machine will help you eliminate allergens and provide cleaner clothes, which is ideal for families with children. It has the possibility of adding laundry in the washing cycle. The IFB fully automated washing machine is extremely efficient and is an ideal option for homes.

5. Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

This Bosch front loading washing machine features an anti-wrinkle function that is able to wash delicately and makes your clothes simple to iron. It comes with an EcoSilence Drive motor which will cut down on wear and heat,  providing lasting performance.

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It has an anti-bacteria system that can ensure that your clothes are clean and fresh. Bosch washing machine is packed with features that will provide effective cleaning.

Why You should buy a Front Load Washing Machine

While a front load washing machine is much more expensive than a top loader, it also does a better job of cleaning and uses less energy. There are several advantages to using a front-loading washer:

  • Less water is used – because the tub spins horizontally instead of vertically, there’s less water needed to reach the center of the washbasin for an effective and efficient clean.
  • Less electricity is used – since you’re using less water, you’re also using less electricity to heat that water.
  • They fit into small spaces – if you have limited laundry space, you’ll like that these units are designed to fit into small spaces with ease.
  • They have large capacities – though they offer a smaller footprint than their top loading counterparts, they can hold more clothes in each load because you don’t need as much room for the agitator to work.
  • They use less detergent than others – again, because of the way it uses less water and has more agitation in each load; your detergents are doing more with less, so you’ll use about half as much soap with every wash cycle!

Front load washers are more ergonomic and easier to maintain

The ergonomic advantage of front load washers is twofold. Because they are lower to the ground than top load washers, there’s no need to bend your back or carry heavy loads of laundry into the machine. Front load washers also don’t require you to lift heavy loads over your head, which can place strain on your neck and shoulders if you aren’t careful. If you’re worried about repetitive strain injuries and joint pain, investing in a front loading washing machine could be a wise investment for long term comfort.

They usually have a better spin cycle than top loaders

There are a few reasons that front-load washers have a better spin cycle than top loaders. One is the way they’re constructed: front loaders tend to have sturdier frames and stronger motors, so their spin cycles are more efficient. Not only does this allow for faster drying times on laundry loads, but it means you’ll save money on your energy bills as well. Another reason, Front loaders don’t need an agitator like top loaders do, which means there’s more room in the drum for clothes to tumble around freely, resulting in a better spin cycle overall.

If you hate spending hours at the laundromat or waiting for your clothes to dry at home post-wash, you might want to consider getting a front-load washing machine.

They’re more efficient

With front-load washers, you can save money on your utility bills. They use less water and electricity than top-loaders do. And because they have a better spin cycle, they remove more water from clothing. That means you can use lower temperatures (cold or warm) for washing clothes, and that’ll save energy as well as money.

Since front-load washers use less water, you will also save money on detergent since you need to use less of it.

Why You Should Not Buy a Front Load Washing machine

You can not add clothes once the cycle has begun

But buying a front loader means you have to get used to not being able to add clothes once the cycle has begun. You can’t open the door and shove in the pair of socks you forgot about unless you’ve bought a model with an “Eco Wash” setting, which offers a special soak period before beginning the wash cycle. So if you forget something and want it washed, you’ll either have to wait for this period or put your load into another machine altogether.

If your front loader does not offer an Eco Wash setting — meaning, if it’s like most models on the market — there is no way around this limitation: Laundry that goes in at the start gets washed; laundry that goes in after that doesn’t. If this doesn’t bother you or seem like a big deal, then don’t worry too much about it. If it does concern you, consider looking at other washing machines or buying an extra-large model so that when all of your dirty clothes are in there won’t be room for any extras anyway.

You also have to be careful about what kind of detergent you use

Even if you’re using the right type of detergent and cleaning regularly, it’s still important to keep an eye on how your front-load machine is performing. A lingering odor could be a sign that mold and mildew has started to grow within the drum. If possible, avoid leaving front-loaders exposed to dampness; this will make it easier for mold to form, which can cause skin irritation or respiratory problems. Additionally, if you notice any signs of rust or corrosion on the exterior (or interior) parts of the machine, it may be time for a replacement.

Final Thought

If you don’t mind doing maintenance on these, front load washers can save you money and make laundry easier in other ways

When it comes to laundry, there are a few advantages to owning a front load washer over a top load washer. In short, they use less water and detergent, spin faster, and have better cleaning cycles.

  • Front load washers can save you money on water by using significantly less H2O than their top load counterparts.
  • Because the drum spins faster, your clothes will dry faster too, saving you money on energy costs and time spent waiting for your laundry to finish.
  • The front loader’s drum is also larger than that of its top loading counterpart, meaning more space for clothes in each wash.