5 Best Safe locker for home India 2023

Are you looking for Best Locker for your home, let me guess you must be concerned about the valuable items that you keep at home.

So Over the last 6 months, we have been testing some of the best locker types such as dial-based, digital, and even smaller personal safe lockers in case you traveling requirements to come up with a detailed and exhaustive review of the best locker in India.

Trust me, nothing beats a quality Safe best locker for home, it will give you that peace of mind we are looking for in life. Traditional bank lockers are the safest option for many, but there are lots of precious daily or evening wear jewelry for women or important documents used frequently which need to be stored securely and locally. After all who wants to visit Banks every now and then?

Having said that, even bank lockers are not safe these days, you might already read some of the news on bank lockers. Nevertheless, let’s return back to our topic of the best lockers for home.

Now the question comes is where you want to keep your safe locker at home, in my opinion, you should always keep it somewhere safe where it’s not easy for someone to move it around. In the worst-case scenario taking a safe altogether by someone is always more difficult than just taking out valuables.

Types of Lockers for home based on Lock Option

Dial Lock Based Safes Lockers

Dial locks based Lockers are some of the safest and most reliable locks due to the whole physical structure of their mechanism. They generally have a system that requires multiple rotations on both the right and left sides in an exact combination.

While they are considered to be among the safest locks available, they are not as simple to use as other kinds. It is necessary to consult professionals if you want to make changes to the mechanism that locks your doors.

Another important point to keep in mind is that they are very costly safe lockers and Prices can be upwards of Rs 50,000. If you are interested in the best dial-based locker you can check this locker from Godrej.

Digital Lock Based Safes

These are modern lockers and are more prominent in use these days. Digital locks utilize an automated system that requires you to input the password you have chosen or pin in order to be able to access your belongings.

They are more user-friendly as compared with a dial lock. But, they require a constant power source, such as batteries to power the system. This is a factor that is often viewed as a barrier.

There are smart electronic lockers available on the market and online that according to your requirements can be kept in a cabinet, hung on the wall, put in a room, or, for maximum security, be placed on the floor. These lockers are safe robust, durable, and portable. They have the option of security via passcode or biometric, as well as numerous other options.

If you are interested in digital lockers you can check this one from Godrej s one of our top recommendations.

These are the Best Locker for home India 2022

1. Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Locker for Home & Office- Best Buy

Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Locker for Home & Office

Godrej has been always a pioneer when it comes to safe and locker brands in India. They are in the business of locker and being safe since the Year 1902. Godrej is also one of the best-reputed consumer brands in India and has a lot of loyal customer bases.

This digital safe locker from Godrej features an Auto-lock functionality along with, an Override Key, USB Charging, and a 4-6 digit password using the numeric keypad.

In my opinion, It is the perfect locker to use at home and in-office to secure or safeguard your precious valuables during traveling, ideal birthday gift or anniversary gift for your loved ones

The Godrej Forte Pro electronic safe is a wall-mounted safe ideal for storing all your important documents, or jewelry, while also keeping them secured. It comes with a numeric keypad with a digital display that can be used to operate the safe.

If I have to explain the auto-lock functionality, it is essentially where after 4 consecutive incorrect password entries, will auto-lock this safe and you need to use a USB key to unlock it. It prevents the brute force method where someone may try to guess your password combination. You can also use a USB key in case of emergencies such as drained batteries or forgotten passwords.

2. AmazonBasics Home Safe Locker for Home- Best Buy

AmazonBasics Home Safe Locker for Home- Best Buy

This safe from amazon basic is one of the best-selling safe lockers for home. The best part is that this can be easily assembled using provided DIY manual in a matter of minutes. We recommend you read the user’s manual for DIY assembly before assembling to make the most of your experience.

Keep your valuables safe with the AmazonBasics Home Safe. It comes with a programmable electronic keypad that ensures secure and easy operation. You will also get a backup key for emergency use. The keypad can be easily programmed to ensure security and simple operation. It also has a backup key for use in emergencies.

The AmazonBasics Home Safe keeps documents and most valuables secure. You can mount it to a wall or floor for greater security. The home safe has a thick 8-gauge steel door, 14-gauge steel body, and 2 live-door bolts for added security.

We really liked it when it came with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware (mounting holes are hidden when the safe is bolted to the floor) which would make your life much easier.

One of the important features you will like about this locker is that it has an intuitive electronic keypad and an emergency backup key to quickly access your items. The safe can be mounted to a wall or floor, or it can be kept in a closet or on a shelf.

3. Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Personal Locker

Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Personal Locker

The Goldilocks has the best of modern technology and an additional sensor that sounds an alarm if someone tries to move or break open the Goldilocks.

It provides on-the-go storage for traveling, has a sleek and sturdy design, and is made of the same reliable material as hardened steel.

4. Yale Stellar 300/DB2 – Biometric Safe Locker with Pincode and Key

Yale Stellar 300/DB2 - Biometric Safe Locker

This one comes with an all Carpeted interior with inbuilt LED Light, to organize your jewelry, cash, small electronics, and important documents.

The safe has a steel body and two anti-saw locking bolts (16 mm) to keep burglars out.

It has a USB port to charge and open the locker in case the battery dies, or those things happen, a USB port is included.

This safe, with its contemporary design, rugged appearance, and adaptable size, is ideal for use as a house safe, office safe, bedroom safe, or in any other setting where quick access to valuables is a must.

5. Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-11 Safe

Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-11 Safe

Made of high-quality steel, this safe is perfect for storing and safeguarding your money, passport, jewelry, and other documents. Powder coating and a scratch-resistant finish are included.

This has a very easy and Simple Setup. You can create a personal identification number (PIN) to access this online vault. A 4- to 8-digit personal identification number (PIN) code is all that’s needed to open the safe’s door.

If you ever lose track of your PIN or run out of power, you can use the emergency override key that comes standard with this safe to gain access to your valuables. The removal of the batteries will not necessitate reentering the PIN, so you can rest well.

Best Safe Locker For Home Buying Guide

Fire and Burglary Protection

The choice of a home locker is based on factors like the purpose for which you want to use the locker, its size and capacity of storage as well as water resistance, fire protection, and burglary protection, as well as other security features like locking mechanisms and warranties.

Size of Locker

Most often, a small to the moderately sized locker with up to 15 liters of capacity and an electronic lock is ideal for a house because it is able to store the most valuable jewelry, valuables as well as documents. You can choose according to your requirements.

Biometric Feature of Locker

These days apart from normal key operation and keypad operation, there are multiple lockers that give you biometric features such as thumb or fingerprint to unlock them. These really come in handy if you don’t want to always remember your password combination and want a quick way to access and unlock them.

Unibody Construction

A quality locker should have a unibody build making them strong and tough to break in manually or using mechanical tools such as levers, jacks, etc. You should always check if the brand you are purchasing claims it to be a unibody built body.

Materials Used for Home Safe Locker

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right material for your safety. Here are the ones we think are most important:

Steel Lockers

is stronger and more durable than aluminum, but it’s also heavier and more expensive. If you need a portable safe that is lightweight and easy to carry, steel isn’t the best choice. But if you’re looking for a heavy-duty option with high security features, steel’s your best bet.

Aluminum safe lockers

These are lighter than their steel counterparts, which makes them easier to move around. They’re also cheaper than steel lockers—but they’re not as strong or secure. Aluminum is highly susceptible to prying and cutting tools like saws or drills; if someone gets access to your locker with one of these tools, it could be very difficult for them to break into your locker without damaging its contents (if not completely destroying them).

That said, if you live in an area where theft isn’t likely but other types of damage might occur due to flooding or fire hazards then aluminum may still be worth considering! It all depends on what type of protection you want from whatever threat poses itself against yours while keeping costs down in order not just financially but physically too so as not to have anything get damaged that could have been avoided by choosing wisely before hand-picking out materials used here too!

Lockers for Home Frequently asked questions



In our Opinion, a Smart digital locker has become a necessity in our modern-day to day life. If you think smart lockers may have very specific use cases and not everyone needs them, but to tell you the truth today, home lockers are gaining popularity because these devices are smart and aid to keep our valuables secure at home.

We hope that our recommendation on the best lockers in India and review should make your purchasing decision much easier and you will go through all the required features before buying one of them.