7 Best Mosquito Bats in India 2023

If you have been looking for the best mosquito electric killer bats/rackets/racquets, you are right place. These are also known as mosquito killer bats and often come in multiple brands which can be confusing for a lot of buyers.

Before we discuss in detail, the pros and cons of individual brands, let’s discuss some other ways we can deal with the mosquito problem. Well, you will never find a single person or animal who is fond of mosquitos. Even if there are people who believe that we make Mosquitos extinct, then it will not have any impact on the food chain on earth. Bottom line is that mosquitos are the most undesirable species on earth and all they do is spread various diseases.

What is a mosquito bat?

A mosquito bat is a device that delivers a powerful electric shock to mosquitoes, flies, and insects in the room or outdoor (garden). It is a smart and easy way of getting rid of those irritating mosquitoes and flys. The mosquito bat is safe for kids around as there is no use of any chemical or harmful materials. The electric shock from the device kills the mosquitoes, whilst leaving humans unharmed.

It can be used both indoors at home as well as outdoors making it ideal for house parties where you want to get rid of those pesky mosquitoes without using any potentially harmful chemicals.

List of Best mosquito bat brands in India | Best Mosquito Bats

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According to world health organization estimates, more than one million people die from mosquito bites alone. It explains why thousands of deaths are caused by mosquito diseases like dengue and malaria every year in India. Despite being ahead in technology than in other developing countries, the people of our country are unable to mitigate the side effects of these strange insects.

As per the CDC Mosquito-borne diseases are those that are transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito. Diseases spread by mosquitoes to people include the Zika virus, West Nile virus, chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria.

Various Ways to Combat Mosquitos Menace:

  • Keep your home, area, and neighborhood neat and clean
  • Do not allow water to accumulate in or near your house, it can be in Coolers, flowerpots, etc.
  • Follow a regular practice of spraying anti-mosquito fumes
  • Use mosquito repellant creams and gels
  • Use other mosquito repellant sticks, coils, and even sprays
  • Use of Mosquito Nets

Now you might have noticed how all the above solutions except one or two require using some chemicals. These chemicals are not good for human health in long term. Even mosquitos grow immunity towards them, making them almost ineffective.

For this very reason which is why we are looking for new tools to deal with them. Anti-Mosquito racquets are trending devices that are made without releasing any toxic chemical odor scent especially to trap and kill mosquitoes. Our experts have compiled a list of the top 10 mosquito killers to eliminate these blood-sucking insects.

These are the Best Mosquito bats in India

1. HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet Rechargeable Best Mosquito Bat with LED Light

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Currently one of the best available in the Indian market, I have been using this Hit Mosquito bat for the last 6 months and it has performed exceptionally well so far.

This mosquito bat is made from aircraft-grade ABS plastic for high durability. Instant kill of mosquitoes at 3500V DC on the net mesh with 400 mAH rechargeable battery. Unique shape for better coverage of corners in the room.


  • This HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet is a cost-effective and healthy way to get rid of mosquitos from your home.
  • It has a unique shape that ensures better coverage and comes with a 400mAh powerful rechargeable battery.
  • It also has 3,500V DC voltage on the net mesh that ensures instant kill.
  • Can be charged up to 200 times or used continuously for 7 hours and has an LED light built-in so you can spot the bugs in dark comfortably.
  • Made with aircraft-grade ABS plastic, it is strong and durable.


  • Build Quality could have been better, considering this is from a reputed brand

2. Weird Wolf CE Certified 1200mAh Lithium Battery Atlas Mosquito Racket Bat

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  • It has a powerful Lithium-ion battery that is almost 4 times stronger than typical acid lead batteries
  • It can be charged even with a power bank thanks to its micro USB
  • You can register this product and claim 6 months of warranty which is a great deal at the price point
  • It’s really compact in size and you won’t get tired of moving it around


Like any other Mosquito bat, check for initial working as soon as you get it

3. RYLAN Mosquito Bat with UV Light Lamp

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It has a double effect, can work as a manual racket to kill all the mosquitoes, or can work as a lamp to attract. With its base, the lamp and racket can work together automatically. No worry about children or pets will get hurt due to the 3 layers of mesh for accidental shock protection. Save your money from buying batteries and outdoor electricity.


  • The racket’s built-in 1200 mAh battery can charge via plug into any USB port device, more convenient – no battery change need, save you cost and protect the environment. Great for outdoor use.
  • Mosquitoes will be attracted by the purple UV light and hit down by the racket which is connected with electric circuits.
  • Comes with Shock Protection so even if you accidentally touch it, there will be no electric shock because of the three-layer safety mesh, so you can use it with confidence
  • Comes with a long-lasting 1200 mAH battery, good for long-duration use on a single charge


  • Price can be on the higher side for many buyers

4. PORCHEX Mosquito Killer Racket Rechargeable Mosquito Bat

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Easily catch and kill a variety of flying insects for safe, dependable indoor and outdoor relief with the Mosquito Racket. With a super durable aluminum-plated mesh that resists warping, plus an extra-large surface area and thick stainless steel safety net, this versatile device is perfect for flies, and mosquitoes.

This mosquito killer bat/racket/racquet is Powered by AA batteries, just swing in the direction of bugs to watch them bite the dust. No more harmful chemicals, sprays, or traps. just instant, efficient extermination that’s safe for humans and pets alike.”]


  • Perfect for the home, kitchen, bathroom, garage area, barn, deck, patio, or garden.
  • Strong durable Aluminium mesh designed with multiple protective layers to reduce the risk of electrical shock
  • The extra-large surface area of mesh for effective catching of all the mosquitos and flies
  • Can be easily powered by 2 AA batteries


  • Price may be on the higher side for many buyers

5. Zofey Mosquito Bats Electric Mosquito Bat

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  • large Surface area to capture and kill mosquitoes easily
  • Comes with 1 years warranty which is a good deal
  • You can use a 2 AA battery and it last long for multiple hours effectively
  • Contains a protective layer that makes it safe for human and pet accidental touch


  • Price is on the higher side

6. Oreva Mosquito Racket (ORMR-027), Mosquito and Insects Repellent with Shock Proof

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7. Weird Wolf CE Certified Elfin Mosquito Best Mosquito Bat Brand

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This Weird wolf CE bat Comes with a Powerful 800mAH Lithium-Ion battery that Delivers strong High Voltage on mesh, creating an electric field that takes down insects fast and easy. Clean, safe, and effective means of eliminating mosquitoes and other small insect pests in your home.


  • Comes with 6 months of warranty
  • Good ample size battery of 800mAH capacity
  • CE certified wiring, which ensures the quality of the product
  • This Product can have a stand by time of up to 1 month


  • None so far (apart from quality issues with some units, which will be common for all, as most of them are made in China)

Mosquito Bat Buying Guide


One of the things that you need to consider while buying a mosquito bat is the fact that it needs to come with a warranty. The warranty comes in handy if your device malfunctions and you need to replace it or get a new one, depending on what the situation is. Some manufacturers offer a warranty for one year, others for two years, and some will even offer up to a three-year warranty.

Power source

The power source refers to how the mosquito bat will be charged. You can choose from either cordless options or those that have a cord attached to them. If you go for the former, then you will need to ensure that your device has been charged before using it because once its battery dies, it will have no effect on mosquitoes. Also, keep in mind that the cordless options can be quite heavy since they have batteries at the bottom of their design which adds weight.

Built-in Light

Another feature that you should consider while buying a mosquito bat is whether or not it has an integrated light. A lot of people like having this kind of added feature because they are less likely to forget about turning off their device when they leave home as opposed to if there was no built-in light with their machine.

Corded or cordless

Cordless mosquito bats have limited battery life and take time to charge for use again. Corded bats, on the other hand, have a continuous supply of power but are restricted by the length of the cord, making them less convenient than cordless ones.

Battery life

A good electric mosquito bat should have a long battery life so that you don’t need to charge it often. Also, if it’s not in use, switch it off and store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the Best Mosquito Bat brand in India

In Our Opinion currently Mosquito bats from ‘HIT‘ are the best in India. HIT Anti Mosquito Bat is the best mosquito bat in India, it comes with LED Light and serves the other purpose of giving you light, especially for people who face frequent power cuts.

2. Does Mosquito bats/rackets kill Mosquito

Yes, they do kill mosquitoes whenever they come in direct contact with the mesh/nets in the bat. You can also get that burning smell whenever mosquitoes are killed due to the large potential difference between nets effectively burning mosquitos in the process.

3. Is it safe to touch Mosquito Bats/rackets

A mosquito bat is made up of two layers of steel mesh. If mosquitoes come in contact with the two layers, they will complete the circuit, and get an electric shock of around 5mA. A small, 5mA shock will cause mosquitoes to be killed. When we are in the same place with the bat and touch it, we will feel only a small shock.

4. My Mosquito bat stopped working, what can be the problem?

Since Mosquito rackets work on the principle of capacitors. Two different plats of capacitors are connected to different terminals of reachable batteries within mosquito bats.

Any fault within the capacitor mechanism or degradation of the battery can result in the lower potential difference between nets of mosquito bats which effectively reduces working capacity and eventually they stop working or requires a frequent charge.

5.  which is the best Mosquito bat company

In our research, we found that Hit, Geep, Rylan, and Wierd Wolf are some of the mosquito bat best companies in India. These bats are durable and last longer in a single recharge. I have been using Hit mosquito bat and it has been working great for the last six months.

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