9 Best Orthopedic Mattress for back pain in India (June 2022)

Do you know that about majority of Indians have poor sleep quality? Add to that is fact that many have back problems, Of course, the reasons are the most varied, but, without a doubt, the right mattress makes all the difference. With that in mind, we decided to help you buy your ideal mattress. Knowing how to choose the best mattress will make you feel refreshed every day and offer a better quality of life.

A poor night’s sleep can lead to an increased risk of sleep apnea, concentration problems, and lack of energy. Sleep is when our body restores itself, and during sleep, various metabolic processes take place that is essential for our well-being. If we have a mattress that does not suit our sleeping habits and preferences, it will be very difficult for us to get a good night’s sleep. This can affect our daily lives in particular, the way we feel physically and emotionally—by making us irritable, sleepy during the day, and unable to concentrate or carry out mental tasks properly.

Once you buy a mattress of your choice, the first thing that you should do is to get a mattress protector immediately for protection against first and occasional tea, water spillage, you can read to our article on Best Mattress Protector in India for best product recommendation.

List of best memory foam Orthopedic Mattresses for back pain

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What is an Orthopedic mattress?

To make it clear, the difference between the orthopedic mattress and the common mattresses is in the support. It’s made with a material that sags under the pressure of your body, but just enough to keep your spine straight. Therefore, it is highly sought after by those who experience back and joint pain. However, it can be used by anyone.

Why Orthopedic Mattress?

Yes, this is an important question, while the market is flooded with all kinds of mattresses, what we recommend is to go for an orthopedic mattress. I will list out my reasons for this.

They are much firmer and therefore are more suitable for people with back problems in general. For example, if you have chronic low back pain that comes and goes often, this type may be ideal.

How orthopedic mattresses are made? | Foam of Orthopedic Mattress

The foam of these models usually has a much higher density, which makes it more resistant and firm. However, orthopedic mattresses are not always just foam, they can also be springs. These are highly recommended for couples, as there is no movement on the mattress.

Orthopedic mattresses can be produced from two types of main structures, wooden crates or foam composites. In both cases, there is a mixture of other materials that help maintain firmness without losing comfort. You can find orthopedic mattresses with springs, latex, and memory foam.

Are all orthopedic mattresses hard?

A lot of people associate this product with those super hard ones that were common in the homes of aunts and you in the old days. But today that reality has changed a lot. Most models are being produced with raw materials that mold to the body and, therefore, are more pleasant to the touch.

Can an Orthopedic mattress treat my back pain?

It’s worth mentioning that an orthopedic mattress is not a treatment but you should take these as recommendations that will not worsen your symptoms and pain if you use a normal mattress. They can help those with back or joint pain sleep more comfortably by supporting the spine properly. It is important to note, however, that orthopedic mattresses are not a replacement for traditional treatments, and you should seek out a professional to determine if you are a candidate for one.

Best Orthopedic Mattress in India- Review

For sake of simplicity and better comparison here, we have tried to review all mattresses of Kings size or double bed size with foam thickness of at least 6 inches. However, there are other sizes available for each brand and you should look for dimension and thickness before placing an order.

1. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam 8-Inch King Size Mattress

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  • Dimension: 84 x 72 x 8 inches
  • Foam Material: Next-Gen Memory Foam, 7 Pressure Zone Foam, High Resilience
  • Cover: Breathable Premium Fabric
  • Warranty: 10 Years Manufacturer Warranty”]

Pros(Features we liked)

  • Breathable fabric made up of high GSM which has great air circulation and regulates body heat
  • Uses best of memory foam which takes shapes of your body contours, relieves pressure, and reduce soreness
  • Excellent motion separation, meaning you won’t be bothered by your partner or kids’ movement while sleeping
  • Mattress material uses a hypoallergic treatment excellent for bed bugs and for people having skin allergy


  • We suggest not to go with 5-inch thickness as it may not support your body weight

2. Sleepyhead Original – 3 Layered Medium Firm Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

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  • Dimension:  78x72x8 Inches
  • Material:      Orthopedic Memory Foam
  • Warranty:    5 years”]

Comes with a standard warranty of 5 years, this orthopedic mattress is perfect for Indian needs. Sleepyhead mattresses feature a firm foam base layer, a memory foam middle layer, and a breathable soft layer on top. A medium-firm mattress, Sleepyhead is not only highly supportive but also rates highly on the softness that we all desire.

Pros (Features we Liked):

  • Comes with a firm foam base, memory foam in the middle, and a breathable soft layer to top it off, Sleepyhead keeps you and your bedmate equally comfortable.
  • Sleepyhead mattresses are engineered using the right amount of bounce & density – so you receive a mattress that conforms to your shape without transferring motion, this means you and your partner can have undisturbed sleep.
  • The detachable zip-on washable outer cover is recommended to be washed once a month to prevent dirt from settling into the foam layers underneath.

Cons (what we did not like):

  • It has a strong chemical smell when opened for the first time

3. The Sleep Company Patented SmartGRID Orthopedic Mattress 5 Inch Medium Firm Queen Size Mattress

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  • Dimension:     72x60x5 inches
  • Material:         Orthopedic Memory Foam
  • Item Weight:  42.82 Kilograms
  • Warranty:        10 years”]

SmartGRID Ortho mattress is crafted with layers of intelligence; from super-soft fabric at the top to firm support at the bottom, this mattress ensures that even during your relaxing weekend slumber you wake up refreshed and full of energy.

Pros (Features we Liked):

  • Uses a superior smart grid technology which has great body posture support up to 2X compared to a normal mattress
  • Smart grid is made up of food-grade material
  • The soft and breathable cotton fabric has GSM value of 550 for a rich and premium feel

Cons(what we did not like):

  • Price is on the higher side

4. SleepyCat Original- 3 Layered Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B0732Y4N37″ description=”

  • Dimension:     78x72x8 inches
  • Material:         Orthopedic Memory Foam
  • Item Weight:  20 Kilograms
  • Warranty:        10 years”]


  • Comes with 1 inch of Gel memory foam for support and pressure relief
  • It Has additional 4 inches of density foam along with a dedicated 1-inch high density for breathability
  • Comes with a standard removable cover
  • Good motion transfer protection for zero disturbance to your partner


  • Don’t go with 6 inches, not great thickness
  • We dint find too much breathability and produces heat, which might not be good


5. SleepX Ortho Plus Quilted 8 inch King Bed Size, Memory Foam Mattress

[amazon box=”B07WTVTCBN”]

6. Duroflex Back Magic – Doctor Recommended Orthopaedic High-Density Mattress

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7. Pepperfry Queen Bed Mattress Clouddio Orthopedic Memory & HR Foam Mattress

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8. Flo Ortho 4-inch Medium Firm King Size Orthopedic Mattress

[amazon box=”B08P2S8LHF” description=”

  • Comes with Standard 10 Years of warranty
  • This orthopedic mattress from Flo brands comes with enough support for your body weight, which makes sure that your part will sink more than it needs to.
  • The special foam blend is mixed with white micro-capsules containing gel that absorbs heat from your body and releases it away from the mattress, preventing you from getting too hot at night.
  • Skin-friendly cover contains aloe vera gel, which makes it easy to clean, and if necessary can be removed for machine washing.”]

9. SOLARA Memory Foam Mattress King Size Mattress, 6-inch Orthopedic Mattress 

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Final Thought on Orthopedic Mattress

We believe that an orthopedics mattress is a must-have if you have a back pain problem. We also insist that no mattress is perfect unless it suits you, almost all mattresses you buy online come with some free trial night, should try first, read a lot of reviews before making a final decision.

In addition to the mattress, experts recommend some positions to have a restful sleep and not wake up with stiff neck or spine pain. As a rule, there are two good positions to sleep: the first is the person lying on the side, with a pillow resting on the side of the head, leaving the upper part in line with the body. The second position is belly up.

Sleeping on your stomach is not a recommended position, as it puts a lot of strain on your cervical spine and you may experience a stiff neck or spine pain when you wake up.