6 Best Side by Side Refrigerators in India (June 2022)

Have you been searching for a new refrigerator? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A side-by-side refrigerator offers the best of both worlds, combining the interior space and storage of a standard refrigerator with the convenience of a smaller freezer on the left side. Side by side refrigerators offers water/ice from the door and extra-wide inside shelves that can hold oversized containers and deep items. Many models offer special features such as preset temperature, giving you more control over your food’s freshness. These refrigerators often have energy-efficient features, such as an auto-defrost feature that helps this unit save energy with its cooling system.

In case you are looking for double-door refrigerators which are not sided by side, you can refer to our article on the Best Double Door Refrigerator in India for the best Product recommendation.

large opening doors of side by side refrigerators it easy to see what is inside while allowing you to get in and out of the fridge without bending over. These fridges offer plenty of room on the inside with an average of 600+ liters of storage. Side by Side fridges are available in different sizes, but most have a width between 29″-32″. Check your specific model before purchase to see if it will fit in your kitchen or allotted space in your home.

Before we further discuss the detailed review of side-by-side refrigerators, let me quickly share our recommended list.

Recommeded List of Best Side by Side refrigerator in India

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What is a Side by Side Refrigerator?


Typical Side by Side refrigerators has two doors next to each other. Despite being wider, the thickness is less, which makes it easier to pick up the bottom products. They usually have a very high capacity and cost much more than refrigerators of the types mentioned above.

It is also common to see water and/or ice dispenser on the door of this type of refrigerator.

Difference between Side by Side refrigerators and Traditional double door refrigerators

There are many differences between side-by-side and double-door refrigerators. we can compare them in terms of Size, Design, available features, and Price.


Let’s Start with Price, Side-by-side refrigerators are considered as premium of the lot and the typical price can start from Upwards of Rs 45,000 and it can go beyond Rs 100,000 depending upon the brand and features.


From a Size and capacity Perspective, Side by side refrigerators has comparatively more storage space for your food. A typical side-by-side refrigerator can start from upward of 550 liters.


In terms of design, Side-by-side refrigerators are broader and require more area in your kitchen space, whereas typical double-door refrigerators are longer, narrower, and taller. Thanks to the design of Side by Side refrigerators, they have more usable space in both the fridge and freezer, since they can carry an entire shelf of frozen foods at once or larger items like whole turkeys or hams in the fridge.


Side by Side refrigerators offers many features which make them an attractive option for consumers looking to buy this type of refrigerator. These include the availability of a wine chiller, an ice maker, and a water dispenser on the door. The Side by Side refrigerator usually is designed with two full-width drawers plus one half-height door shelf and three storage bins. Older style models may not include an icemaker or water dispenser.

Side-By-Side Vs French Door Refrigerators

These have a similar split door design to typical ice makers and door dispensers, but the key differences between them will help you decide which is better, a side-by-side or a French door cooler?

Considering that the difference in door width is negligible, the average capacity of a side door tends to be a few cubic feet less than a French door, and this may be important to some.

French doors are more likely to have humidity controls for cooler drawers, a deli drawer with thermostat controls, turbo cooling, bottle cooling, air filters, dual evaporators, and multiple airflow systems. For these features, they cost a lot more than side by side.


Amazon Basic Vs LG VS Haier  Side by Side Refrigerators Comparison

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 Best Side by Side refrigerators in India 2022

1. LG 687 L Inverter  Side-by-Side Refrigerator(GC-B247SLUV.APZQEBN)

The LG 687 L Inverter  Side-By-Side Refrigerator offers powerful, uniform cooling, so your food stays fresher longer. It has an auto defrost system that prevents ice build-up, so you can store and preserve foods more efficiently. Its modern capacity makes it perfect for families with 5 or more members.

The self-defrosting refrigerator also features 4 tempered glass shelves, includes an extra-large freezer drawer, and makes the most of your vertical space with a bottom freezer drawer that holds larger items.

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2. Panasonic 584 L with Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator

[amazon box=”B08HHMMRMR” description=”The Panasonic 584 L Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator is a powerful combination of technology and design that gives you the highest levels of convenience. Toughened Glass Shelves, Quick Cooling Mode, Quick Freeze Mode, and Quick Vacation Mode are some of its unique features. It also comes with an Intelligent Inverter Compressor which saves your electricity and money while giving you high durability.”]


  • The large capacity Panasonic Side by Side Refrigerator comes with two separate compartments (23L and 12L) in the Double Vegetable Box to let you store your vegetables conveniently without worrying about space.
  • The Panasonic 584 L with Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator ensures efficient cooling performance by varying the power consumption according to the load, providing energy-efficient operation
  • The Panasonic 584 L with Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator is equipped with the Triple Ice Tray with an ice storage box and a simple twist mechanism for easy storage and convenience.
  • Its quick cooling mode drops the fridge cabinet temperature to 5 degrees Celsius in order to quickly cool a variety of cuisine.
  • It features a Vacation Mode that helps in saving energy by switching off the fridge section and only operating the freezer section, a Touch Control Panel along with an LCD Display that allows you to take control of the cooling,
  • Toughened Glass Shelves that can withstand loads of up to 100 kg.


  • This fridge is not convertible which should have been at this price range

3. Samsung 845 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

[amazon box=”B08W4Y8SHC” description=”The Samsung 845 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator has a stylish design and has a large capacity, perfect for a big family. This refrigerator comes with the Digital Inverter Compressor that is energy efficient, making it an economical appliance. It is designed to be durable and long-lasting so you can enjoy more years of use out of it.”]


Comes with 7 Smart Sensors:

E7 Smart Sensors help to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity using a minimal amount of energy. They monitor the doors, humidity, temperature, and evaporator, so the refrigerator’s performance can be adjusted automatically. The result is a consistently nicely chilled refrigerator every time you open and close your fridge to prevent temperature variations.

It has MoistFresh Zone

The intuitive MoistFresh Zone is a flexible drawer that creates the optimal environment for your food. A tight seal traps moisture, locking in flavor and keeping veggies fresher for longer

Dedicated Beverage Station

Say goodbye to bending over, digging through shelves, and breaking a sweat every time you’re looking for your favorite chilled drink. Now you can find and enjoy it in a jiffy with the new Beverage Station feature in our Side-by-Side refrigerator.


  • None So far

4. Haier 570 L with Inverter Side by Side Refrigerator (HRF-622SS)

[amazon box=”B09H37BN1P” description=”Haier’s premium side by side refrigerator is designed for large families with a capacity of 570 litres and a 10-year warranty on the compressor and fan motor. A host of interesting features, including an inverter, digital control panel, toughened glass shelves, cold LED, two ice makers, and Deo fresh technology that keeps food fresh for up to 21 days, make this fridge a coveted buy. The unique 90-degree opening ensures you can store large containers easily.”]


  • Super energy efficient with consumption of less than 1 unit in a day
  • With DEO Fresh function, Haier’s side-by-side refrigerator has sterilization and antibacterial functions that eliminate 99.99% of viruses, mold, germs, and bacteria.
  • The control panel is simple to use, and its digital display is far more reliable than traditional thermostats found in other brands.
  • The door has a child lock to keep children from manipulating the settings and changing them.
  • The fridge’s interior is fully-lit so that you don’t have any dark corners where food might go unseen and be wasted.
  • When you open the refrigerator door, the door will stay open at an angle of 90 degrees and free your hand so that you can take out food easily.


  • None so far

5. Whirlpool 570 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator with adaptive intelligence technology

[amazon box=”B08FTFHLZV” description=”Bring home this Whirlpool refrigerator and store your food items and beverages conveniently. This appliance has a total capacity of 570 L, which can hold your food items and drinks with ease. Its Inverter Compressor consumes less energy than the CFL lighting system. Also, the special 3D Airflow feature ensures that cool air reaches every inch of the refrigerator so that all your food items are stored perfectly.”]


  • Upgrade your kitchen interiors and add a touch of glamour with the Whirlpool 570 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator. This W series refrigerator boasts steel exteriors and a minimalist design, along with luxurious interiors.
  • It comes with a standard countertop depth that fits seamlessly in your kitchen and a spacious interior that makes storing, organization, and easy access to food items inside the refrigerator.
  • Powered by Adaptive Intelligence technology, this frost-free refrigerator has a network of multiple sensors and a microprocessor that continuously senses, adapts, and controls the temperature and humidity based on outer weather conditions, door openings etc. The intelligent sensor system ensures that you get perfect cooling always.
  • The whirlpool IntelliSense inverter frost-free multi-door refrigerator features an intuitive feather touch display panel allowing you to manage the temperature of the refrigerator.
  • The adaptive intelligence technology maintains ideal temperature and humidity levels inside the refrigerator. It also features 4 preset functions of eco, a super, holiday, and lock modes for your daily use.


  • None So far

6. AmazonBasics 564 L Side-by-Side Door Refrigerator

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Side by Side Refrigerator- Buying Guide

To tell you the truth, we are seeing a lot of growth and demand for side-by-side premium refrigerators in India. You can visit any large electronics chain offline as well online, there are plenty of customers buying them and giving their reviews.

It become equally tough for us to include the best brands for our readers, we did extensive research online as well offline to understand which of them are actually value for money premium side by side refrigerators. Do keep in mind these are some of the expensive fridges/refrigerators in the market and something you don’t buy frequently.

1. Size

The primary thing to take into consideration when buying a side-by-side refrigerator will be the dimensions and capacity of the fridge. You need to keep in mind how much space you have in Kitchen or nearby place where you want to keep them.

It is not just about seeking the space it provides but thinking about things like air circulation as well as door opening space, cleaning space, etc. Take a look at the entire distance from your front door to the kitchen to ensure you purchase a suitable size and to avoid problems with installation.

The measurements of the side-by-side models usually range between 100 and 170 cm in width in the wider models, while for the height it can reach 180-190 cm, and for the depth around 70 cm. The capacity, however, varies between 350 and 600 liters.

2. Warranty

A refrigerator that is side-by-side is an investment that is costly, so it is essential to consider the guarantee of the product. The majority of companies offer a warranty for a period of one year for their products. The warranty duration for compressors differs as per different brands. A warranty of 10 years is considered a good warranty period on compressors and motors.

3. Cooling System

Two major components that you should be looking for are an inverter compressor and the system for air dispersion. The inverter compressor regulates and regulates the temperature in accordance with the load, and it also reduces energy usage. Dispersion is crucial since it affects air circulation inside the refrigerator. Other things you should look for include a dual-fan feature as well as a feature for moisture retention as well as specific temperature control.

4. Family size

As I keep mentioning, these are some of the premium refrigerators and are comparatively larger in size and capacity. It can be a major investment and so it is equally essential to select a refrigerator that is appropriate for what size your household is.

In our opinion, for a family comprising 5 to 6 people, You can choose a 600-650 capacity refrigerator. It is also worth considering the ratio of the fridge to freezer depending on your requirements. At present, you’ll find refrigerators that have a convertible option.

5. Defrost Mechanism

This feature plays an important part in determining the efficiency and performance of a fridge. Most refrigerators today are fitted with automatic frost mechanisms however there are a few older models with a manual defrost system. Make sure to check this feature prior to making any choice.

6. Energy Efficiency

Look for refrigerators with ratings of five or four stars since they’re the best efficient models on the market. In the long term, this is crucial to prevent overspending on electric costs. Today, most side-by-side refrigerators on the market guarantee a good energy-saving capability. In fact, almost all start from category A. Obviously, the more the appliance belongs to a high energy class, the higher the acquisition cost.

7. Storage organization

Check that the product that you purchase comes with shelves, compartments, and boxes that allow you to arrange your interiors in a strategic manner. This allows you to store items of various sizes more efficiently. Find out if the unit comes with special compartments specifically designed to store vegetables, meat, fruits, and other food things.

8. Smart features

Some of the important smart features we can think of are operating using your mobile if Alexa and Google Assistant are capable. They also come with features such as a Child lock, Touch Display,  LED lights, a controlled panel, or any other feature that is unique that the company offers.

9. Materials And Design

The quality of materials is an essential factor to consider when choosing a side-by-side refrigerator, as it is an everyday appliance that should generally last for several years. The most used material for side-by-side refrigerators is certainly stainless steel, which also gives the device a Hitech and modern touch.

As for the design, side-by-side refrigerators are generally characterized by their aesthetic impact and contemporary style. Of course, there are different variants and colors on the market: from stainless steel to elegant black, to the original colored models that give the kitchen a touch of liveliness.

Side by Side Refrigerators Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Should buy a Side by Side Fridge

  • People who want a very high capacity refrigerator
  • People who see design as a very important factor and a top priority
  • You have a good budget to spend
  • You have a kitchen with plenty of space

2. What are the main features of the Side by Side refrigerator?

A typical side-by-side refrigerator should have below as a feature. Many features will vary as per the brand and price you are paying. keep these in mind before making a purchase decision

  • Water and Ice dispenser (Good to Have)
  • Defrost technology (Better to have Automatic defrost)
  • Inverter Technology
  • Shelf Type – Toughened Glass
  • Fast Cooling (Must Have)
  • Curd Making- (Good to have as an added feature)
  • Wine chiller- (Good to have as an added feature)
  • Warranty– A minimum of 5 years of warranty on Compressor and Good to have 10 Years of Warranty
  • After-sales Support– Great After-sales and customer support (Only Reputed Brands will Provide)
  • Energy Rating– Good to have at least 3-star, best to have 5-Star
  • Top Mounted Freezer– Even for side by side types, its good to have a freezer at the top as it helps save energy

3. What Is The Advantage Of A Side By Side Refrigerator?

Side By Side refrigerators are a good choice for limited spaces because of their short doors and they don’t have a retractable freezer drawer. Freezer shelves stack up like a typical refrigerator, so it’s easy to see, organize, and get all kinds of food.

Other advantages are aesthetic. Its full-length doors are quite stylish, and with no bottom freezer drawer, you get an unbroken contour. A counter-depth tiled refrigerator can give you the best look of any refrigerator – and at an affordable price.

Final Thought on Side by Side Refrigerators

Choosing a new refrigerator for your home is not such an easy task. There are many options available on the market, with a wide range of sizes and prices. After we made our selection of the best side-by-side refrigerators we’ve chosen models that have the best features, are energy efficient, and maximize space at affordable prices for the value they offer. We hope you have found the perfect refrigerator for your needs.