9 Best video Doorbell India (June 2022) | Best Video door Phone India

Video doorbells are becoming common these days. These devices have become a necessity in today’s digital world. Think of these as one of the basic and most needed products for modern home security.

Everyone needs a durable, easy-to-use, and reliable video door entry system. A video doorbell with good image quality and easy operation ensures you get the best possible view of what’s going on outside your door before you open it. However, the right price also matters, especially if you are outfitting your home with multiple smart devices.

In this article, we will cover a detailed review of some of the best Video doors bells available in India.

What is a Video Door Bell?

As the name suggests, these are different compared to your traditional doorbells. Whenever someone rings your doorbell, you can see that person either via a monitor installed in your home or even on your mobile phone. This makes your life secure and you don’t need to worry about who is at door, and even can keep track of your delivery parcel.

Some of the Video doorbells also come with talkback functionality in case your main door is a bit far and you want to talk or communicate to the delivery personnel or the visitor.

These are Best Video Doorbells India

1. Ring Video Doorbell Wired

[amazon box=”B08CKHPP52″ description=”Probably one of Best Video Doorbell or Doorbell with the camera you can get right now. The ring is one of the most popular Video doors bells in the world and is now also available in India. The best part is this company is owned by Amazon and works flawlessly with Alexa and other voice assistants. Some of the best feature worth noting and can help you make purchase decisions are as follow. “]


  • This Video Doorbell supports 1080p HD video
  • This is a wired doorbell as well as uses traditional 2.4 wireless connectivity with two-way communication
  • Comes with advanced motion detection and adjustable privacy settings
  • Receive real-time notifications straight to your mobile. To hear the audio notification in your home, you can pair it with Ring Chime, a Ring Chime, a compatible Alexa device, or choose your Video Doorbell Wired + Chime bundle.
  • Advanced motion detection lets you detect when someone is at your door before they call the doorbell
  • Night vision that is sharp and bright ensures that you won’t miss any detail even in dim lighting.
  • Hardwire Video Doorbells using the existing wiring for your doorbell as well as the included tool kit to provide power 24/7 along with the peace of mind


  • Check the transformer rating of your existing doorbell in case you want to use the existing setup for powering this device

2. Godrej Security Solutions Video Doorbell/Phone

[amazon box=”B072J295B7″ description=”An eye-catching and stylish design that offers an enjoyable experience and enhances your home’s design, while protecting you.
This can be used to serve as an Intercom, The benefits of an indoor unit do not stop there. being able to talk to the person who is visiting your home. It can also be used as an intercom system to talk to door units in different locations inside your home.”]

Godrej has always been a trusted security brand in India, this video doorbell has an inbuilt OSD Menu (On Screen Display) allows for incredible flexibility through the ability to change the display functions to allow more clarity and better visibility of the outside screen on an indoor display


  • The pinhole camera with high resolution produces images with clarity and speed
  • You can adjust the volume, brightness, and Contrast of video and audio for this Video doorbell
  • Comes with an annular wall bracket that allows the monitor to be tilted towards the sides to view images clearly on the screen from various angles
  • It has tow way audio talkback feature so that you can watch as well converse with the visitor
  • Weatherproof and Vandal Resistant Outdoor Unit so as to protect the device from rain or wind or robbers, or even petty thieves
  • Comes with Free Installation From Godrej so that you don’t have to worry about installation
  • It has LEDs for Night Vision, The night vision lights will help you see through the darkness and allow you to see even in the dark.
  • Comes with a standard  4.3″ color indoor monitor that ensures that you don’t miss any detail and have a full picture of the visitor who is just outside the door.
  • Standard Do Not Disturb mode– There are occasions that you’ll need complete tranquility. Its Do Not Disturb function is able to understand your requirements to provide you with privacy when you’re in need of it.


  • None

3. Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell from Hero Group

[amazon box=”B08Y8KMQZ7″ description=”Qubo Smart Doorbell is an all-in-one intelligent solution for your Home Security. With 1080P full HD camera, advanced intruder alarm system with person detection and special time-lapse video for the day allowing you to have clarity on who came by and at what time — thus making it ideal for modern-day working professionals.”]


  • Comes with Customizable 36 unique chime tunes and 4 volume levels
  • Set multiple modes like do not disturb for complete peace of mind.
  • Intercom with 2-way audio allows you to talk and listen to your visitors directly from the app 
  • You can respond with pre-recorded Voice
  • Works flawlessly with Google Assitant and Alexa
  • Comes with an AI-Powered person detection feature with an Intruder alarm system, you can even activate the siren as required


  • Comes with Cloud Subscription service, not recommended for India
  • A lot of features we found were gimmicky and kind of Overpromise with respect to quality and normal working

4. Hikvision VDP DS-KIS202 7-inch Upgraded Video Door Bell/Phone

[amazon box=”B07DHVS9TF”]


  • This video doorbell can be used as an IP camera for video recording via connection to a Hikvision NVR.
  • The unit-to-unit video calling feature enables intercom communication between owners in different apartment units.
  • High-performance echo cancellation technology ensures high-quality voice transmission, ensuring an exceptional user experience.
  • Built-in speaker and microphone ensure sound clarity.
  • Easy to install by a local electrician and easy to operate.


  • Customers has to manage installation themselves

5. Smart Video Doorbell from Leccy & Genesis

[amazon box=”B09GP8Q6HM”]

6. HIKVISION Video Door Phone with Photo Capture

[amazon box=”B07DB8Q9QJ”]

7. Okos Wi-Fi 1080p HD Video Doorbell Home Security

[amazon box=”B08LHBSN5P” description=”This Video Doorbell from Okos will let you see, hear and speak to anyone at your door from your phone. The product features an upgraded wide-angle lens with enhanced motion detection, night vision, cloud recording, and local storage. It also offers support for PIR motion detection as well as two months of battery life via two included rechargeable batteries. The product works well over a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.”]


  • The Doorbell Cam Pro lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors at your front door from anywhere.
  • The easy installation process takes just 5 minutes or less.
  • It works with both your existing doorbell wires or with a rechargeable battery pack.
  • You have a choice of storing recorded video locally or in the cloud, so you don’t have to pay for a monthly plan if you wish to use the micro SD card storage method.


  • Check deliver and after-sales service in your area

8. AMOCAM Video Intercom System, 7″ Monitor Video door phone Doorbell System

[amazon box=”B07FCB8LZK”]

9. CP PLUS 7″ TFT LCD Screen Wired Video Door Phone

[amazon box=”B09QHSKSR7″]


  • Comes with a seven-inch color TFT-LCD display and four wires—for an easy installation process.
  • The system is ideal for home security, featuring hand-free calling, visitor call, video intercom, unlock and monitor options.
  • The outdoor unit is weatherproof with a nano glass camera and aluminum alloy panel.
  • This video door phone also has an IR color camera with night vision and feather touch keypads.
  • Inbuilt memory that can capture 200 snapshots


  • No Installation Support

How to select the best video doorbell?

Wired vs. wireless Video Door Bell

Doorbells with video typically require 16 volts or higher to function. If you’re in a more modern home, this might not be a problem. However, as we discovered older homes with older systems might not be able to supply enough power. One of our test homes constructed in 1946, sent just 10 volts of electric power to the existing doorbell. This was not enough to power the two doorbells that didn’t have batteries built-in.

After we changed the circuit of the doorbell’s twenty-volt power source, all was working exactly as it was advertised. A majority of people won’t need to change their transformers, especially for modern houses. The two doorbells with built-in batteries do not require energy from the doorbell.

Ease of Installation

The choice of doorbells you pick will depend on the situation, whether you’re replacing an existing doorbell or installing one when there’s none. This Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the most adaptable. It can be used to replace a traditional doorbell that uses 8-24 volts of energy Its rechargeable battery also means you can place this doorbell wherever you want. Additionally, the Ring Chime add-on can even create an audible chime within the house, as the typical doorbell.

The Doorbell Camera for August needs 16-24 volts of power and is able to replace the mechanical doorbell that is wired.

Field of View of Video Doorbell

Do you prefer only a small view of the doorbell’s ringer or do you wish to see it all around your front door? Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Pro Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Pro boast 160-degree viewing angles that let me be able to see my entire front driveway and porch.

Available Video Resolution

The higher the resolution, the clearer the image. This will help you recognize people who are at your door. Ring’s premium doorbells can record video at 1080 p. In contrast, the September Doorbell Camera’s resolution actually is 1280×960, which is not quite a “full”1080p resolution.

Night Mode Functionality of Door Bell

The doorbells that we tested with video use different methods to capture videos at night. The August Doorbell camera uses LEDs that are activated by motion to illuminate the space in between the cameras which allows it to get better color capture. Ring’s doorbells make use of infrared night vision that can be able to see in darkness however the result is monochrome video.

Design of Door Bell

The appearance of the house could be a worry. In the end, you’re putting this to the exterior of your home! Ring Pro Ring Pro looks the most like a traditional doorbell and Ring also comes with four faceplates so that you can pick one that will match the trim on your house or paint it exactly the color you prefer.

Mobile phone compatibility For Video Door Bell Phone

Most video intercoms / Video doorbells come with dedicated an application for smartphones mostly developed by the same company, in addition to an alternative desktop version of the application, or a web-based page that can be accessed via any device. This means that you have to make sure that the video doorbell camera you pick is compatible with your mobile phone or other mobile devices you own.

In addition to compatibility with the operating system you use on your phone (Android as well as iOS) and the doorbell, you should be sure that the application will function with the version that you are using. There are third-party apps that aren’t developed by the manufacturers but might be able to communicate with the doorbell, however, in these instances, compatibility cannot be assured. Another thing to bear in your mind is the majority of doorbells that have cameras aren’t suitable for Blackberry and Windows Phone devices.

FAQs on Video Door Bells

How does a Video Doorbell work?

If I have to explain to technical or personal, I would start by saying, it works on IoT or the internet of things. A video doorbell is a basic element of smart home automation.

Typical video doorbells or Intercoms are composed of two parts: the external system and the internal receiver. The external sign is located on the outside of the property.

Usually placed on the front of the building or house, this device serves to call the interior. Basically, it consists of a doorbell button, a camera, and a built-in microphone.

Video doorbells Vs Security cameras

Doorbells with video don’t always provide the top security cameras for your home. The apps let you select to receive motion alerts, as well as doorbell notifications, events that trigger motion typically result in videos of a vehicle or person leaving the frame.

A home security camera that is dedicated could be the best option to get real security since you can put the camera in a variety of locations. If you receive an alert for motion it is possible to back up the video to see what took place before the alert was triggered.

Are Video Door Bell Legal in India

Video doorbells are perfectly legal if you are using them for your security. There might be some privacy angle if your entire purpose is to keep an eye on your neighbor. However, video doorbells are designed with fish lenses and are perfectly fine to use them.