12 Best Large Size Paintings for living Room India (June 2022)

If you want to give a great vibe and your own personal touch to your living space, I recommend you get the Best Wall Painting for your living room now on Amazon! A great wall painting can dramatically enhance your living room vibe. Now they come under multiple themes and what a person likes can be very subjective. For me, I just love abstract art, if you look carefully one can imagine multiple shapes coming out of it.

Where to Buy large size paintings for living room in India

In my experience there are plenty of online options available, I have personally bought a couple of them from Amazon and liked their delivery quality. As a word of caution, I would advise you not to get carried away by some of the Instagram Ads, prompting these large-size paintings, as some websites might not have that trust factor and you may end up losing your hard-earned money.

Let me quickly share my top picks of large-size paintings that you should definitely buy for your living room. People often refer to them as big size wall paintings for living rooms to get better results.

For you, I have already done this homework and have selected the best of them. You may like to visit our home decor sections which contain articles to transform your home.

My Best Picks:

Best Large Size Wall Painting for Living Room India

1. MHARTK66 Abstract Mountain in Daytime

Dimension- 12×16 inch

[amazon box=”B07L5758YC “]

2. Avengers Fight canvas paintings for living room 

Dimension- 53X30inch

[amazon box=”B08MQFMTTJ”]

3. Abstract Yellow Black Orange Wall Art from 999 Store

Dimension- 30×54 inch

[amazon box=”B08MQCBQ44 “]

4. Casperme Designer Modern Art Concept Grill Big Size Wall Painting for rooms

Dimension- 60×36 inch

[amazon box=”B08X6R4CV2 “]

5. Abstract home decor painting from 999 Store

Dimension-  36X54 Inches 

[amazon box=”B08ZXQ4NKG”]

6. Vertical Aqua, White Gray Abstract Wall-999 Store

Dimension- 30×54 Inches

[amazon box=”B08MQKT8VC”]

7. Inephos Vinyl Religious Painting, Multicolour, Krishna Flute

Dimension  150cm X 76cm

[amazon box=”B075RRC8KM “]

8. Inephos Cotton and Wood Night Venice Framed Painting

Dimension- 85 x 55 cm

[amazon box=”B07SCVZ64V “]

9. Maxstone Beautiful Tree with Love Birds Abstract Painting

Dimension-60 x 30 Inch

[amazon box=”B08P9J1GFP “]

10. Inephos Multiple Frames Beautiful Scenery Wall Painting 

Dimension-(150cm X 76cm)

[amazon box=”B06XHWG39X “]

11. Kyara arts Big Size Multiple Frames

Dimension –(50inch x 30inch)

[amazon box=”B08BCCWYNT “] 

12. Casperme Engineered Wood Wall Painting, Multicolour, Modern

Dimension: 60 x 36 inches

[amazon box=”B08XBN8X4K”]