7 Best Washing Machine Stands (June 2022)

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Looking for the washing machine stand? A lot of us also call them as washing machine trolleys as they can help you move your washing machine easily when you need to clean beneath them. These are a great value add to your home appliances as the same set can fit refrigerators and dishwashers as well, you just need to get a proper size and weight carrying capacity.

A quality Washing machine stand will protect your washing machines from water damages/rusting providing a longer life span. These stands prevent vibrations and potential damage.

Washing machine stands can make life so easy, especially when you’ve got a large washing machine and you may want to move them around or clean the floor beneath the washing machine.

Before we go into a detailed review of individual Washing machine stands in India, here are our top recommendations.

Best Washing Machine Stands in India 2021

Types Of Washing Machine Stands

Adjustable Stand

As an adjustable washer stand, it has a broad capacity range to fit most top-and front-loading washing machines. It is very convenient in use because you don’t have to worry about the height of your machine. This multi-purpose stand can also be used for refrigerators, air coolers, dishwashers, and other household appliances

Non-Adjustable Stand

These type of washing machine stands comes with a fixed dimension or size. Accordingly, they are designed to accommodate appliances with similar dimensions. However, it may not be as versatile and adaptable as an adjustable stand.

Non-adjustable stands also include antiskid material to absorb vibrations from your washing machine. It is stable and protects your washing machine against moisture damage.

Best Washing Machine Stand Buying Guide

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration before the right one is selected, including style, size, and reputation.


Washing machine stands are made of metal or plastic.  Plastic stands are lighter and therefore more affordable but the most problematic one. The stand can crack or break if it falls down. A steel-based stand can last longer provided they are real steel and don’t rust as the washing area can be full of moisture and water.

Portability/Wheel Base

Make sure your washing machine stands should have four heavy-duty wheels at the bottom. These wheels should rotate 360-degrees, allowing ease of movement. Hence, the stand should enable you to move around the washing machine when needed. It also helps in cleaning the surface below the appliance without worrying that it may get damaged.

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Anti Skid Vibration absorber

The stand should be designed with anti-skid feet that absorb vibrations produced by the washing machine during its operation. The vibrations create a lot of noise, which causes disturbance to family and neighbors.

These are the Best Washing Machine Stands currently in India

1. Bosch Original Square Washing Machine stand

Bosch washing machine standWe tested this washing machine stand and is the number 1 recommendation from us. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your laundry room or adding a space-saving hamper to your bathroom, this Bosch Original Square Washing Machine stand is what you need to protect your washing machine.


The sturdy metal frame provides support for all brands of compact washing machines whether top load or front load.  Ideal for a washing machine with a dimension of 60 cm in length and 55-65 cm in width.

What we liked (Pros)

  • Made up of Long lasting Aluminium to avoid rusting
  • Reinforce Structure for greater stability
  • Super Stable anti-skid feet
  • Easy to Assemble

What we did not like (Cons)

  • A bit on the expensive side

2. Irkaja Adjustable Wheeled Metal Washing machine Stand

Irkaja Adjustable Wheeled Metal StandThis is our second best recommendation of the best Washing machine stand available in India. This versatile stand is ideal for all kinds of washing machines of shapes and sizes right from 5Kg to 12 Kg.

This one comes preassembled in ready-to-use condition, with four green rubber anti-skid pads for all corners. The company claims it to be rust-proof and material quality seems decent for the price point.


What we liked (Pros)

  • Can be easily configured for all types of washing machine, Dishwasher stand
  • Good quality Metal body enough to support up 160 Kg
  • Comes with attached four 360-Degree heavy-duty wheels
  • Anti-vibration feet works well to absorb all vibration

What we did not like (Cons)

  • Firmness to hold steady on the ground may deteriorate given the quality of skids

3. Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty Washing machine Stand

Smart Shelter is a great stand for your premium Front/Top Load Washing Machine, Refrigerator, dishwasher even coolers, it acts as an extended supporting stand for your prized possession. The smart shelter is fully Mild steel construction, it’s 100% metal made, and no plastic is used in the entire stand.

The durable powder-coated finish of this product provides heavy-duty protection from rusting and corrosion. The stand comes with Heavy rubber jacks to absorb vibrations from the washing machine or Fridge during operation. The base of Rubber jacks is not visible when installed. Both sides of the Smart shelter are fitted with Large Rubber jacks which will prevent any vibration.

What we liked (Pros)

  • Can be adjusted for Top Load, Front Load, Dishwasher and even as refrigerator stand
  • Metal body to support weight up to 140 Kg
  • Premium-quality polypropylene wheels for smooth maneuver
  • Quality Rubber feet for vibration absorption

What we did not like (Cons)

  • Customer service is not prompt and responsive

4. Rissachi Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing Machine Stand

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This one comes at fourth position in our recommendation of best washing machine stands. We tested this with our LG washing machine and perform on expected lines.

This unit features castors for easy movement and is perfect for use with top loading fully automatic washing machines, as it provides a strong and sturdy base to balance the machine at an optimal height. The stand is incredibly simple to assemble, making it a breeze to have your washing machine in prime position.

What we liked (Pros)

  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality Metal body can support washing machine rated up to 10kg
  • The attached wheel quality seems fine as per price point
  • Good stability on the ground with minimum vibration
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What we did not like (Cons)

  • We did not find good quality welding at joints/corners


5. Hexzone TAFTA Adjustable Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing Machine Stand

This Washing Machine Stand is one of the best in the market. It features its Stainless Steel frame making it worth buy at the price point. This stand Comes with dimensions of  (30 inches X 23 inches), more suitable for Front Load Washing Machines!

we tested with a 6 kg LG Front Loading Washing Machine and worked out great. It did a great job in handling machine vibration and gave an overall sturdy performance without any vibration or dislocation. One of the selling points is it comes at a much lesser price than many of the Iron with powder-coated frames. Its assembly is pretty simple and straightforward to assemble.

What we liked (Pros)

  • Can be easily assembled
  • Length and breadth can be extended by 200mm
  • Metal body can support washing machines rated up to 8kg
  • Did good work in vibration control

What we did not like (Cons)

  • Welding and Metal quality could have been better


6. Lepose Original Heavy Duty Washing machine Stand

Another great versatile stand that can be used for different purposes-washer, refrigerator, and other home appliances. It features a strong base to carry multiple appliances at once, with wheels for easy mobility. Lepose Washing Machine and Dishwasher Stand come with Stainless Steel body. The Dimensions are adjustable to meet the users’ requirements.

The default height of 3.5 inches can be extended up to 4.5 inches to hold the various kinds of Washing machines, Dishwasher models, and brands available in the market.

What we liked (Pros)

  • A versatile stand that can be used for dishwasher and refrigerator as well
  • Dimensions are adjustable and the default Height of  3.5″ can be extended up to 4.5″
  • Metal body can with load-carrying capacity up to 60 kg
  • Heavy-duty wheels for easy movement of washing machine

What we did not like (Cons)

  • Assembly can be challenging given the fact wheels are not easy to fit


Stand Alone Individual Leg Foot Stands

7. VIBRAT Washer Dryer Anti Vibration Pads

This anti-vibration pad is the ultimate solution for machines that vibrate excessively. It’s strong enough to help hold down a refrigerator or water bed in place, but also soft enough to work well under a washer or dryer. Plus, it prevents slippage and scratches on floors.

These type of Vibration pads creates a vacuum seal between its solid rubber and solid ground, The result is an anti-vibration shock-absorbing pad that is proven to minimize noise and vibration up to 80%. Gript pads also prevent the shifting of appliances, tables, beds, and other furniture.

What we liked (Pros)

  • Installation is cakewalk
  • Did great work in controlling vibration
  • Remained sturdy even during heavy loads in the washing machine
  • Quality plastic body and rubber material at the base
  • can be used for dryer, refrigerator, table, sofa, bed and other furniture on the market

What we did not like (Cons)

  • The only downside we say is that since these are not wheel-based designs, meaning you can  not move your machine



Benefits of Using washing Machine Stands

  • Easy passage for your drain water
  • Prevents corrosion at washing machine base, elongating its life
  • Easy to clean the floor beneath/under the washing machine



Conclusion- Final thoughts

Washing machine stands help protect your flooring and make it easy to move your washer to different locations we recommend you to choose sturdy welded stands features tapered claw feet that offer 360° swivel mobile pin connections, and is built to work with most front-load and Top Load washing machines.

FAQs on Washing Machine stands


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