Mixer grinder buying guide | How to Buy right mixer Grinder India

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First things first: What is a mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder also called a “mixie,” is a kitchen appliance used to grind and blend spices and vegetables. It’s often used to grind dried fruits and vegetables into juice. A typical mixie has multiple jars, with one for wet grinding (like making puree or chutney) and one for dry grinding (like making flour).

Why you need a mixer grinder in your kitchen:

Whether you’re an experienced cook or someone who just moved out of mommy’s house into your first apartment, there are lots of reasons why you need a mixer grinder in your kitchen. Here are just a few:

– To make it easier to cook Indian food. Many Indian recipes require you to grind ingredients like ginger, garlic, and chilies into a paste—in other words, the kind of thing that can be hard to do with a knife. With these handy appliances, you’ll be able to get the job done in no time!

– To make cooking less messy. If you’ve ever made guacamole by hand, then you know how messy it can be—and how much of a pain it is to clean the mess up afterward.

How to Buy a Mixer Grinder

To buy the best mixer grinder, you should be conscious of a few things. First, know that nominally, the power rating of a mixer grinder is determined by multiplying the number of blades with their rotational speed.

More advanced models have higher power ratings and therefore can grind larger quantities in a single batch. If you’re using your mixer grinder for simple tasks like making chutneys or grinding spices, a lower-powered model may be sufficient and cost less overall.

Another factor to consider is jar configuration and capacity since this determines how big a batch you can make at once. Most countertop mixers come with both large and small jars so that you can work efficiently without having to wash out one jar to put in another if all your ingredients won’t fit at once. This way it’s easy to prepare different sauces or chutneys that use similar parts of your ingredients but have different amounts of each.

There are also some other factors to consider when buying a new mixer grinder: its speed settings and power options. For example, most mixers offer operating speeds as low as 700 RPM which is usually enough for mixing soft foods like fruits or vegetables but not enough for harder foods like ice or nuts. However, there are more expensive models that go up to 3600 RPM which will allow you to crush ice into snow quickly and easily.”

Choosing from Top Brands | Best Mixer Grinder Brand

There are many brands in the market for mixer grinders but some of the top brands of the mixer grinders are Preethi, Bajaj, Philips, Prestige, and Panasonic. Each brand has its own unique feature so it is always a good idea to have a look at the features you want before purchasing your grinder. You can refer to our article on the best Mixer grinder in India for great Mixie recommendations.

Here is a little information on some of the top brands:

Philips – Since it is one of the largest companies in India for home electronics products so it does not need any introduction here we will just say that it makes one of the best mixers with a high-quality performance which comes at very affordable prices

The best Mixer Grinder from Philips is Viva Collection HL7701

Preethi – Preethi is a popular Indian brand with many happy consumers. They have a wide range of mixer grinders with good quality and different features.

The best Mixer grinder from Preethi is Preethi Zodiac MG-218

Bajaj – Bajaj is another famous brand in India and they make all types of kitchen appliances such as gas stoves, induction cooktops, ovens, etc.,

Best mixer Grinder from Bajaj is Bajaj Duvel Digi

Prestige – Prestige also manufactures all kinds of kitchen appliances like Gas Stove, Induction Cooktop, etc.,


Choose from Grinding and Blending Types

When you are buying a mixer grinder for home, you have the option to choose from two types. The first type is the normal mixer grinder. This type of mixer grinder has three jars. You will be able to use this for various purposes such as grinding, mixing, and blending. These are budget options and most people buy them for their homes.

The second type is the juicer mixer grinder. This type of mixer grinder offers additional features when compared to the traditional model. A juicer mixer grinder has four jars, which include a liquidizing jar, wet grinding jar, dry grinding jar, and chutney jar.

If you are going to buy one of these appliances, then it would be better if you opt for the best brands available in India such as Philips and Bajaj Rex.

Select right Blades Types

There are five blades types as below

-blade for blending,

-blade for chopping,

-blade for grinding,

-blade for pureeing,

and the ceramic blade that lets you chop through garlic without getting its smell all over everything else.

Choose the one that works best in your kitchen situation, because even if it’s not ideal in your case—you’ll find another one somewhere else!

Size/Number of jars

The number of jars you need depends on the frequency and types of ingredients you want to grind. If you enjoy gourmet cooking, or if your family loves using freshly ground spices for their meals, it might be better to have more than one jar.

The most essential jar is the wet/dry grinding jar. If you have this type of mixer grinder in your kitchen, it can do all sorts of things—grinding chutneys and chopping vegetables. It’s also useful for pureeing tomatoes and making pastes out of ginger and garlic. It usually has a capacity of between 500 ml and 1 liter.

A dry grinding jar can easily prepare powders like cumin powder or garam masala powder at home with ease. This is usually the largest container since it needs to hold enough ingredients to make several portions at a time so you don’t have to keep going back to refill the machine while grinding is in progress.

Finally, consider getting a chutney jar if you love adding flavorful sauces like mint chutney or tamarind sauce to your meals. The capacity for this type will be around 250 ml or 300 ml because it’s smaller than the other two containers but still big enough for regular use without having to refill constantly once grinding has started.

Power Options

A mixer grinder is an appliance that needs a continuous supply of power to run. The motors in these appliances are rated in Watts and vary from 400W to 750W and more. The best option depends on how you intend to use the appliance.

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There are generally two kinds of users: the ones who want to grind/chop almost everything that goes into their kitchen, and those who use it for light or occasional grinding needs.

You should choose a model with a higher wattage if you are going to use it for heavy-duty grinding tasks such as idli batter or masalas but if your usage is limited then 500 to 550 watts would be sufficient. A grinder with 600-750 watts will perform well for all your grinding needs and will last long too

Speed/ Right RPM

The speed of a mixer grinder depends on its wattage. The higher the wattage, the faster and more powerful it is. This means that you not only get your grinding done quickly but also that you can grind tougher ingredients like turmeric and ginger roots without worrying about damaging the machine. However, most high-wattage mixers are expensive. We recommend looking for a model with an 800W motor or more if you strive for efficiency in the kitchen.

Overload Protection

This feature helps protect your appliance from any damage due to overloading by automatically turning off when the load becomes too much for its motor capacity (usually more than 90% of its rated wattage).

As a part of the basic protection, overload protection is given in the mixer grinder to protect it from overload and voltage fluctuations. When the overload switch detects an overload, the motor shuts off automatically.

The main purpose of this feature is to prevent damage to the motor. It also increases the lifetime of the appliance and prevents power failure by preventing circuit breakers from tripping.


A warranty is a guarantee given by the manufacturer to take responsibility for any defects or faults that may occur in the product within the specified warranty period. As a customer, it is your right to demand this from your manufacturer. You should always check whether the warranty period covers all parts of the grinder and for how many years. A minimum of 1 year is a standard duration for most mixer grinder brands, but some companies offer a 2-year or 5-year warranty on their products upon registration as well as an additional extra 5 years on motor. This assures you that replacement will be done if there are any manufacturing defects during this period.

Do note that the warranty doesn’t cover damage by misuse or mishandling of the product by the users. For example, if you drop your mixer grinder accidentally on a hard surface and it breaks, then it does not fall under warranty coverage. Similarly, running a wet mixie for a long time also voids any warranty coverage since it causes overheating in the motor due to moisture inside it.

Conclusion/Final Thought

I would like to conclude this Mixer grinder buying guide by saying that the mixer grinder is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. Without a mixer grinder, you can hardly do anything in the kitchen. You will have to make all your food from scratch and that makes it extremely difficult for someone who is new to cooking or doesn’t have much time in hand.

It is very important that you do not compromise on quality when it comes to buying a mixer grinder for your kitchen. The things discussed above are the features that you need to look out for when buying a mixer grinder for your home. It is also important that you read up on reviews and comparisons before going through with the purchase. It is only after reading reviews from users who have purchased the product and used it can you get an idea of how good or bad the product actually is.



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