6 Best Atta Chakki For Home India 2023

If you are looking for the best atta chakki in India or flour mill for your home use, you have arrived at the right article. Buying value for money atta chakki can be a daunting task especially when there are multiple Atta chakki brands on Amazon offering different features at a competitive price.

we believe that as a consumer our first priority even before getting into product quality and the feature should after-sales support. We value our readers, and that’s why we have brought the best flour mill available online. We did extensive research on multiple parameters such as hopper size, Capacity of flour mill, efficiency ( Kg/Hr), etc.

The flour mill for home is a must-have if you love cooking and baking using fresh homemade flour. In India, flour has been a staple food for many centuries, but not all flours are good for your health. Flour mills allow you to grind your grains at home without any stress and hassle.

We will quickly share our recommended list then we will jump to the review of individual Atta chikkis.

Our List of Best Atta Chakki For Home

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These are the Best Atta chakki for Home Use

1. Micro active Classic Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill


  • Grinding Yield of  7 TO 10 Kg/Hr (Depends Upon Grains)
  • Motor Power: 1 HP
  • Star rating : [amazon fields=”B07DVFPH7J” value=”star_rating”]

[amazon box=”B07DVFPH7J” description=”

This attractive-looking grain mill from Microactive is a highly efficient and powerful machine that is well-designed and made to last. It can grind about 5 kgs per minute. The unit can grind a wide range of grains like rye, barley, wheat berries, corn, soybeans, etc.

Made up of superior quality components and modern technology this is ideal for Indian homes. Its impeccable performance is a result of its rugged and sturdy construction.”]

Using Microactive Atta Chakki

Features we Liked (Pros)

  • Comes preinstalled with a Child lock feature
  • Great Cold Forged Aluminum Grinding chambers are used in the grinding chamber which makes sure it will last longer
  • Great size hopper of 5 Kg Capacity
  • Quality motor  with 100% Copper winding and overload protection
  • Comes with caster wheels to move around in your house


  • Check if it can be delivered to your city

2. Navsukh Automatic Domestic Flour Mill, Atta Chakki, Aata Maker, Ghar Ghanti

This is our second best recommendation for the best flour mill for homes in India. In our review, we found that Navsukh automatic flour mill is a pioneering domestic product in the Indian market, consisting of an automatic feeding system for continuous operation.

Its special design ensures minimum human efforts are required for grinding. The high torque motor grinds wheat, gram, rice, and other grains as well as pulses into flour with ease.

[amazon box=”B01LZMTXW0″ description=” This Automatic Domestic Flour Mill is the correct blend of the latest technology, engineering & design to make our product one of the best on the market. The last but not least feature is it is built with all food-grade materials.”]


  • Grinds 10 to 12 Kg/Hr (Depends Upon Grains)
  • 2880RPM Motor
  • Grinder and chamber with ABFM technology
  • Motor Power 1 H.P, 230V, and 15 amp
  • Overload protection
  • Modular cabinet
  • Technology that enables moisture-free rich atta

Star rating : [amazon fields=”B01LZMTXW0″ value=”star_rating”]

Features we liked (Pros):

  • Automatic feeding system which ensures you do the least amount of work and machine will take of rest
  • The child lock feature is an add on in case you have kids at home
  • We found it quite easier to clean and take care of the longevity of the flour mill
  • Comes with a different 8 sets of sieves for different types of grinding such as Masalas apart from regular atta  to make different types of Flours masalas
  • Comes with caster wheels to move around in your house


  • Check if it can be delivered to your city

3. Microactive Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill/Atta chakki For Masala & Grains Grinder

The Microactive flour mill is exclusively designed with a two-in-one functionality for the domestic market. It has all the features of a conventional flour mill and comes with masala-making attachments.

It has a special micro grating system that can even grind spices. It has an anti-overload protection function to prevent heating and jamming. With its extra masala hopper, the first-time user could easily grind spices.

[amazon box=”B07PS7QZHF” description=” This Flourmill from Microactive is designed specifically to take care of your home masala grinding needs. Apart from working as your traditional flour mill/atta chakki, the Microactive 2 IN 1 Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill will help you get healthy and tasty food daily. The best grinding is just not enough but the flour produced is healthy as well as retains all the nutrients like carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, and Fibers, etc.”]


  • Unique Two in one Masala Attachment
  • 4-5 Kg Hopper Size
  • Grinds 7-10 Kg/Hr (Depends Upon Grains)
  • 1 H.P powered Motor, with 230 V and 15 amp requirement
  • Modular and user-friendly design
  • overload protection

Star rating : [amazon fields=”B07PS7QZHF” value=”star_rating”]

Features we liked (Pros):

  • The trust of Microactive brand with added feature and extra hopper for Masala grinding
  • It has the required Child lock feature which we always recommend
  • Super easy to clean, additional Masala hopper makes sure you don’t mix Atta with Masal ones
  • Top-quality grade aluminum is used for the inner chambers which is food safe
  • Strong caster wheels make life easier to move the device  around in your house


  • After Sales support is not great

4. Natraj Viva Designer Aata Chakki Gharghanti Automatic Domestic Flourmill


  • 4.5 Kg Hopper
  • Cold Forged Steel Grinding chamber
  • 1 HP rated Motor which can run at 2880 rpm
  • Modular cabinet specifically designed for moisture free rich atta

[amazon box=”B07YB7ZLY2″ description=”The Viva Designer Aata Chakki is a fully automatic home flour mill that grinds everything right from wheat, rice, besan, moong beans, coffee, and many more. It has been specially made for the kitchen of modern Indian women who prefer to eat healthy homemade products instead of commercially processed products.”]

Star rating : [amazon fields=”B07YB7ZLY2″ value=”star_rating”]

Features we liked (Pros):

  • Automatic and user-friendly functions for easy grinding
  • Comes with a Sturdy wheelbase for easy movement across rooms
  • You will get 7 Sieves for different types of grinding as per your needs
  • Made up of Cold forges steel, making sure you always get iron particle-free flours
  • It is easy to clean and comes with a cleaning brush to remove stuck flour


  • It might not be delivered in all cities, check before placing an order

5. ShreejiFine Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Machine, Atta Chakki, Aata Maker


  • 4.5- 5 Kg Hopper
  • 1 HP single phase Motor which can run at 2880 rpm
  • Overload protection (Auto Shutdown during overloading and Electricity fluctuations)
  • Slider ring to prevent Flour leakage

[amazon box=”B091PTKV2L” description=”The ShreejiFine Automatic Domestic Flour Mill Machine is not just a mill, but a fully automatic flour mill machine with child lock features in its design. It is a modular cabinet with a partly hidden castor wheel design which is very easy to move around. This amazing machine makes your daily cooking work easy by producing fresh homemade flour in no time.”]

Star rating : [amazon fields=”B091PTKV2L” value=”star_rating”]

Features we liked (Pros):

  • We really liked its modular and floral design, which gives a modern look
  • It has very low noise during operation and only consumes .5 to 1 unit per hour of operation
  • Comes with a much-needed Child safety feature, meaning it will stop the moment someone opens the door during the operation
  • It features a 6-blade grinding chamber that grinds finely up to 8-12 Kg/H.
  • Minimize flour/atta spillage as it comes with a cloth Filter Ring, which minimizes Flour leakage and wasting during grinding
  • 1-year warranty on Machine, 5 Years on Motor and an overall 15 years warranty on the chamber


  • It might not be delivered in all cities, check before placing an order

6. Navodayan Classic Atta Chakki

[amazon box=”B08DD9NWMV” description=”The Navodaya atta chakki gives you a fresh, homemade taste in minutes. This fully automatic 2-in-1 flour mill grinds your masala and grains in a matter of seconds for a quick and easy meal.

It comes with an automatic stirring system, so it’s perfect for cooking, blending, or whenever you need an instant dose of flavor. Its compact design fits easily on your kitchen countertop or equally convenient storage space. So why not ditch the dull plastic container from your market and give yourself the fresh taste of Navodaya at home?”]


  • The Atta Chakki Navodayan is a 2 in 1 flour mill that grinds both semi and fine flours for typical south Indian dishes such as Idlis and Dosai, as well as cereals. It is also great for pastry making.
  • The uniquely designed sails are made from specially processed chemically treated plywood and each sail has a built-in electronic music system that turns on automatically when the sails start revolving.
  • It makes up to 10 kilos of flour per hour and comes with a built-in alerting system so you know when to add ingredients
  • Its electronic overload protection system and electronic circuit breaker ensure safe operation,


  • The company does not have good after-sales support and service

Best Flour Mill Atta Chakki Brands  in India

In Our review, we found that Microactive, Natraj, Sreejifine, and STC Swaroop are currently the best Atta Chakki/Flour Mill brand in India. These are best-selling atta chakki on Amazon India. Users can go through the review before placing an order.

These best Atta chakki brands are trustworthy and you can enjoy fresh homemade atta at home.

Flour Mill for Home/Atta Chakki Buying Guide

As smart consumers, we should look for the below feature with the top one with high priority.

1. Hopper Size of Flour Mills

The hopper size of your Atta chakki determines, the capacity of the Atta Chakki. A user should at least look for a hopper size that can support 4.5 Kg to 5 Kg of grains.

You can think of hopper size as batch quantity. Say a 4.5kg hopper is specifically designed for 4.5 kg of grain in one go. Large quantities can be ground in separate batches.

2. Smart Sensing equipped Atta Chakki/Flour Mill

Yes! you heard it right. Even Atta chakki are smart these days, meaning if plugged in it will automatically start grinding the moment it senses grains and stop when it is done.

3. Child Lock safety feature in Atta Chakki

This is should be a critical feature and customers should never miss out to check if it is a child lock complaint. Almost all home electrical appliance which uses some sort of motor comes with a child safety feature. This allows chakki to automatically turn off the moment someone opens the main door preventing any mishap.

4. Grinding Quality of Flour Mill

Make sure to do your research on grinding quality. One of many ways can be asking sales personnel, going through online reviews, reading product specifications, etc. For typical atta we should be very careful as it should not be coarse or too fine, both are not fit for eating.

5. The Efficiency of Atta Chakki

The next factor that consumers should look for is the efficiency of chakki. It can be quantified in terms of how much kg of flour/ atta it can produce per hour. Home atta chakki should not be kept running for more than 1 hour as remember it is not for commercial use. Running non-stop for more than recommended hours can lead to wear and tear of equipment.

6. Maintenance Cost

For a typical Indian household even spending INR 20000 is a big decision. Typical purchasing decision takes a lot of brainstorming and adjustments in the family spending budget. So one of the key considerations should be its maintenance cost. A bad quality product can give you initial cost-benefit but in the longer term, it may become a source of pain and headache if maintenance cost is not in check.

The good news is almost all of Atta chakki we checked on Amazon claims to have almost “Lifetime No Maintenance” on the cutter. While it sounds good but for all practical reasons normal wear and tear on Sieve and filters are expected and will add to maintenance costs.

7. Hygiene and Cleanness of an Atta Chakki:

A good Atta chakki should be easy to clean and help maintain good hygiene. Consumers should check for a feature such as if the grinding chamber is made up of antibacterial food-grade material. Another feature one should look for is “Iron particle Free” grinding.

8. Grinding other Grains:

A good quality grinder chakki should support the grinding of Wheat, Besan, Rice, Bajari, Maize, Jowar, Coffee, Rava, Udad, Dhaniya, Haldi, Daliya, Mehandi, Moong, Kali Mirch, Salt, Aavla, and many more items.

FAQs on Atta Chakki/Flour Mill

What should be a warranty for a home Atta Chakki?

If you look at buying trends on similar household products which are in the Atta chakki business, one should at least expect a warranty of 1 Year on Grinding Chamber. Please make sure that the company has a service center in your home town in case you want to avail of home repair or maintenance service.

How much does a flour mill cost in India?

Well, the price of a flour mill will cost mostly on many factors such as the Brand of the Flour Mill, Capacity of the Flour Mill, and also most importantly if it is for home / domestic use or is it for commercial use.
We have collected the below information from a typical flour mill in India
Type Min Price Max Price
Box type Flour Mill Rs 9000/Piece Rs 21000/Piece
Pulverizer Flour Mill Rs 14000/Piece Rs 59000/Piece
Stoneless Flour Mill Rs 7000/Piece Rs 65000/Piece

What are the Different Parts of Atta Chakki

The below image shows some of the important parts of Atta chakki. These are

Parts OF Atta Chakki

  • Hopper
  • Safety Switch/Child Lock
  • Grinding Chamber
  • Filter
  • Atta Containers
  • Caster Wheel

Final Thought on Atta Chakki/Flour Mill

A flour mill has become a necessity in modern homes if you trust and like to buy packaged atta brands. You can buy these flour mills for home, they are modern and stylish to look at and perform quite brilliantly. These flour mills will give you peace of mind for people always looking for purity and want to handle the quality of their food.