8 Best Air Cooler in India (June 2022)

Summers are here in India and many people have already started to look for Best Air Cooler in India? Well, in this article I am going to cover some of the best air cooler in India that you can buy right now along with detailed features, their pros, and cons. Indian market is flooded with plenty of small and Big Brands offering their air coolers. As a customer, It becomes really difficult to get the best buy. But first, let’s understand how your typical air cooler work and which type of model will be best for you in detail. Just in case you are looking for an Air conditioner to beat Indian summer, or you want to compare pros and cons with respect to an AC, you can read our article on the Best Split AC in India for great Product requirements.

Before we further deep dive into details and review of best air cooler in India, let me quickly share our top recommended list.

Our Recommended List of Best Air coolers in India to beat Summer Heat

[amazon box=”B00T7N2R1Q,B01DPL9AFQ,B08378VSP6,B07NG756KG,B08SB7CL5H,B07ML44K18,B08378RNDK,B07N95J5K7″ template=”table”]

Types of Air Coolers

Desert Coolers

Desert coolers are the most prominent type of coolers available in India. In earlier days even today, you can characterize a desert cooler from its comparatively larger body, huge water storage, and big fans enough for small halls or even rooms. They can run for quite a longer duration without needing a water refill. In earlier days they used to come in tix Boxes, at least their outer shell was made of Tin and they were fixed outside your room window.

Modern desert coolers are no longer built using Tin, but they have plastic bodies but still boast of the same size and capacity. The good part is they can easily move inside your room and house thanks to large and strong castor wheels.

These are ideal for Medium to Large Living Rooms, Gym, Party Hall, Shop, Restaurant and closed Outdoors.

Tower Coolers

As the name suggests they have a tall structure and a sleek body. They are designed for smaller rooms or for a small place. They have a very modern, sleek, and elegant look. I call these modern air coolers as they can actually add elegance and beauty to your living space.

The coolers release air at a greater height in comparison to other kinds of coolers. Their primary benefit is their height because when you stand straight or sit at a tall desk, you’ll need to cool down in a spot with air that is delivered just above your waist.

These are the Best Air Coolers in India 2022

1. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres

[amazon box=”B00T7N2R1Q” description=”Bajaj PX 97 Torque Air cooler ensures higher air delivery to cool any space in your house & enhances the overall cooling experience. This personal cooler can swiftly cool a room in minutes and comes with amazing features to multiply your cooling experience. Specially designed cooling media with hexagonal design delivering maximum cooling with minimum water consumption. The 36 liter large water tank ensures longer cooling with continuous water supply system.”]


  • It has a powerful torque motor for that higher air delivery and faster cooling experience across tour room and house
  • It uses hexagonal media for better cooling with minimum consumption of water
  • it has 36 liters capacity which is best suited for medium size cooler
  • It has good air throw capability up to 70 meters


  • It uses plastic screws which needs special care while opening and closing lids for maintenance

2. Crompton Ozone Desert Air Cooler- 55L

[amazon box=”B01DPL9AFQ” description=” Crompton Ozone Desert Cooler is designed to bring a cool breeze in your room during hot summer months. With its powerful air delivery of 1350 m3/hr, the Crompton air cooler will leave you feeling refreshed in minutes. It comes with a 52L water tank capacity which gives long cooling hours and the feature of AutoFill allows continuous water supply. Its ice chamber lets you add a good amount of ice so that it provides chilled air while maintaining hygienic conditions. “]


  • Great air delivery of 4250 m3 thanks to 190-watt powerful motor
  • It is suitable for a 500 Sq ft room, good for Indian households
  • Comes with 4-way motorized louvers for 360 cooling
  • It can easily run on your home inverter, you don’t need to worry about power cuts and get that uninterrupted cooling experience in summers
  • It uses a plastic body letting you forget to worry about rust that happens in traditional coolers


  • May produce a humming sound in some of the models

3. Symphony Diet 3D 30i Portable Tower Air Cooler

[amazon box=”B08378VSP6″ description=” This is one of the most attractive looking air coolers currently available in the market. This has a slim profile that matches perfectly with your modern home. Its Tower designed sleek profile makes it suitable to be fit even in tight space in your home”]


  • This highly-performing air cooler is ideal for rooms with up to 15 square meters in the space under ideal conditions.
  • It is super-efficient and consumes very less energy consumption thanks to 145-watt capacity
  • Comes with SMPS technology which will protect your cooler during Voltage fluctuation, a required feature in many Indian cities
  • It has iPure Technology and a multistage filtering system, it fights air pollutants, odor-causing microorganisms, and allergens to provide you with fresh air
  • It uses high-retention capacity honeycomb pads, and a cool flow dispenser that distributes equally across all sides of the pool to keep your summer cool and refreshing.
  • Comes with a water level indicator to inform you when you need to refill it.
  • A Powerful Blower powerful blower gives you cool air in quick time for that optimum comfort and peace during peak summer


  • Some customers may not find it suitable for long-running because of 30 L capacity

4. USHA 45BD1 Desert Cooler – 45L

[amazon box=”B07NG756KG” description=” Want to beat this summer heat? Usha Buddy Desert Cooler is the perfect answer to your cooling problems. With a capacity of 45 liters, it can be easily carried around on the foldable trolley provided with the water cooler. The cooler offers 3-speed settings, which allow you to control wind and sound levels. It has a honeycomb pad technology that enables the air cooler to deliver better cooling. Its unique tank overflow control feature prevents water wastage and results in more effective cooling.”]


  • Buddy desert cooler is equipped with an adjustable trolley that folds up for mobility and convenience.
  • Uses less power and can easily run on a home inverter, so you don’t have to worry about power cuts
  • Uses a float valve so that you never waste water while filling it to maximum capacity and while using an autofill


  • Check local delivery in your area

5. Kenstar Wave55 50 Litres Personal Air Cooler 

[amazon box=”B08SB7CL5H” description=”Wave Personal Air Cooler is an extremely efficient room cooler. It offers multi-directional castor wheels for mobility. It has highly effective honeycomb cooling pads on both sides with air fan to ensure superior airflow and better cooling performance. The cooler is rated at 200 watts and also works on inverter power. Best suited to be used in smaller rooms, Wave ensures quick cooling and provides great air throw.”]


  • It has that traditional air cooler look
  • Uses a quality make and highly effective honeycomb
  • A quality standard 200-watt motor that can run on an inverter during load shedding
  • It is good for a room size of 23 Sq meters or 250 Sq feet


  • Looks may not be for everyone

Large Air Coolers

6. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler – 70 Litres

[amazon box=”B07ML44K18″ description=”This low noise air cooler from Havells is made for people who want to enjoy noise-free summers. Fully collapsible louvers of the cooler that can be opened, partially closed, or completely shut according to your requirements. This regulates the flow of air which cools your space depending on the conditions outside”]


  • Quality air cooler from Havells with Air delivery of 3500 m³/h enough for even larger rooms and space
  • Silent operation thanks to good quality motors
  • The cooler is equipped with a water tank that can be filled from the side. The tank is equipped with a 70-liter capacity to ensure that you don’t have to refill it regularly.
  • The air cooler comes with regulators on top to allow for the control of its use. The regulators make the functions simpler to manage.


Price can be on the higher side for some

7. Symphony Sumo 75 XL Desert Air Cooler For Home with Honeycomb Pads

[amazon box=”B08378RNDK” description=”This Tower Desert Air Cooler tops our charts and is one of the best selling models of desert coolers. This room cooler with a powerful fan and is suitable for rooms up to 37 square meters of the area under ideal conditions. Designed with a multistage filter that fights pollution, reduces odor-causing microorganisms and allergies in air while cooling it efficiently.”]


  • The premium desert air cooler for your home is made to work in dry and hot regions where temperatures can range from upwards of 50°C.
  • This durable desert cooler portable is ideal for rooms with up to 37 square meters of area in optimal conditions.
  • It features the Innovative i-Pure Console. It is equipped with a multistage filter that fights pollution and eliminates allergen-causing microorganisms, and reduces odor in the air. To get the most efficient cooling, leave the windows and doors open
  • High-Efficiency Cooling with Long-Lasting Dura pump, high-water retention capacity honeycomb pads, and a cool flow system to spread water evenly across all sides to keep your summers cool
  • saves electricity cost thanks to its motor which is only 190 watts. It is easily operated by inverters
  • This desert cooler designed for cooling rooms comes with a 75-liter tank that has an indicator for the level of water so you don’t have to worry about running out of water


  • A large Air cooler may not be a requirement for everyone

8. Crompton Optimus Desert Air Cooler

[amazon box=”B07N95J5K7″ description=” This Crompton the Optimus65-Litre Desert Cooler is an ideal option to get a higher airflow and superior cooling. The cooler is equipped with a capacity of 5500m3/hr of air, which ensures faster cooling and greater comfort. The cooler comes with an efficient pump to ensure long-lasting performance and smooth operation of the cooler.”]

This air cooler from Crompton has an automatic humidity control feature that allows you to control humidity levels within the room. It can be set to different levels. To make your life easier and more comfortable, the cooler has an intelligent feature that allows for Auto-fill and Automatic drain.


  • This jumbo air cooler is suitable for even a large room or living space of size up to 650 Sq feet (if you
  • massive air delivery of 5500m3/hr for that instant and uniform cooling
  • It uses an Everlast pump, ideal for places in India where hard water is a problem such as water having a high TDS value which deteriorates motor life
  • It has aerodynamic fan blades which are 13% bigger than normal size for faster rotation and increased efficiency
  • Comes with a large ice chamber for that instant air cooling effect
  • Comes with Motor overload protection


  • It is a large air cooler and which may not be required for everyone

Best Air Cooler Brand in India

Indian market is flooded with both local and multinational cooler brands. As a customer, you need to know which are the most trusted brands and will suit your need. A great brand also means you will get the best after-sales customer service. Air cooler is something that you need to run every year during summer, which means great customer support and experience is a must and important factor.

Some of the best brands in India are


Symphony’s name in India is synonymous with air coolers. This shows their dominance in the Air cooler market and reach of this brand is to an average Indian buyer. They manufacture some of best looking, sleek to some of the most powerful air coolers for the need of every type of customer


As Indians, we all know Usha as a great homegrown brand. They have a presence across multiple consumer segments and air cooler is one of their forte markets. As a child, I remember we have used iron to air cooler from the USHA brand. They have a great reach and great customer support in India.


Bajaj is one of the oldest electrical and home appliance brands in India. The company is famous for making right from two-wheelers to even ceiling Fans to air coolers. Bajaj products are known for great features, quality, and innovation value for the end customers. Bajaj Air coolers are one of the best-selling air coolers in India thanks to their great built and after-sales service.

Air Coolers Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I buy an air Cooler | Benefits of air coolers

If I have to compare an air cooler with an AC,  you will realize that an air cooler has many benefits monetarily as well as it is an environment-friendly option. We will discuss each point below so that you can an informed and better decision.

First thing first if you are always on move and live in a relatively mild ambient temperature region, we suggest you should buy an air cooler over an AC.  Some the other reason is as follow

  1. Energy Efficient– Air coolers are less power-hungry thanks to relatively much less powerful motos, therefore it consumes less electricity and will give you less pocket hole burn in terms of the electric bills.
  2. Eco-friendly – An air cooler uses normal water to provide cool air, and they don’t use any kind of refrigerant gases which are bad for the global environment
  3. Fresh Air – Since it extracts outside air, it is always fresh unlink AC which only circulates internal air over and over
  4. Humidity – Maintains required humidity in your room, unlike AC, Air coolers keep your room air at required humidity while AC makes it dry
  5. Portability – They are more portable and easy to move around
  6. Easy Installation

2. How does an Air Cooler Work?

If I have to explain in simple words, the basic working principle of an air cooler is evaporation. Your typical air coolers come with a pump that pours waters on an outside layer generally made of some plant-based mats, also known as ‘Khas’ in Hindi. Then  Air Coolers pull the external hot air from the environment which is then pushed through that plant-based mat or Khas, reducing its temperature in the Process.

Nowadays some air cooler models come with a dedicated icebox for faster cooling. Some people may find this process suited for them for faster cooling and fast temperature drop but you have to be mindful of the fact that you can fluctuate room temperature which may not be ideal for everyone.

3. Which cooler is best for my Room Size

You can use the below simple formula to calculate if a cooler will fit your requirement. This formula will help you calculate air delivery that will be required for the size of your room/living space.

Airflow in M^3/hr= (Room Length X Room Width X Room height/2/.5885)

4. Is Air Cooler good for health?

Air coolers are definitely good for health, especially for people having problems such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, dermatitis, and pharyngitis are caused precisely by dry weather and with that people end up becoming susceptible to these diseases, in any season.

For those who suffer from these problems, it is ideal to always be well hydrated and it is advisable to always look for strategies to humidify the environment in which they find themselves, thus preventing the low humidity of the environment from causing and worsening these health problems

Final Thought on Air Cooler

We think an air cooler is a must to tackle Indian summers. Considering the price of the air conditioners are much higher and may not suit everyone’s health needs and requirements, an air cooler can be a great option for you. We hope that this article will help you make a great informed purchase decision. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and colleagues and help them beat summer.