10 Best cake mould sets and baking pans India

So you love baking and looking for to best mould sets and Pans. Well, there are plenty of options and varieties of cake mould available online but one get lost in details.

In this article, I will share some of my favourites cake moulds that you can also use in your baking. Using these you can impress your friends and family with your baking skills.

No matter how often you bake, you need to get cake moulds/ bake pans that come in different shapes and patterns to make the most out of your favourite cakes and baking desserts. There are many options for baking pans, from heavy-duty aluminium cakes pans to sturdy, nonstick, all-purpose cookie sheets.

These have become an essential tool to bake popular desserts such as cheesecakes or tortes. They can also be used for making quiches and frozen desserts.

Before you go into details of individuals cake moulds, let me share the best available cake moulds and pans every baker should buy.

List of best cake moulds sets in India

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Cake Moulds set buying guide-Types of Cake Moulds

Aluminium cake Moulds

These cake moulds can be used inside a cooker on a gas stove or microwave (convection only), or in an induction top. Aluminium is a strong metal that will last a lifetime.

Silicone cake Moulds

Silicone is considered one of the safest and heat resistant materials that can be used in your Kitchen. There are plenty of silicone moulds available which are microwave friendly.

The silicone cake mould’s nonstick properties are a great advantage. The silicone material is flexible and easy to clean. It doesn’t even need to be greased before it goes in the oven.


Best cake moulds sets and baking Pans in India

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