9 Best Mixer Grinder in India (June 2022)

Best Mixer grinder in your mind, well If you are planning to buy a mixer grinder, you should read this article before buying one. So recently I bought my mixer grinder after my last mixer grinder stopped working.

in my opinion, Mixer grinders are the centre of all your kitchen need and is a must kitchen appliance, I mean you can’t even think of so many dishes unless you have a quality mixer grinder. They can help you accomplish many tasks such as mixing, grinding, and blending for your dish preparation.

When buying a mixer grinder you should consider the motor speed, jars available, and overall quality of the Mixer grinder. We have put together a list of the best mixer grinders available in India to help you choose which mixer grinder to purchase.

I did all my research by visiting different offline stores such as Vijay Sales, Reliance Digital, and Croma stores. My idea was to get the feel of the product before I order online.

These are list of Best mixer grinder in India 2022

[amazon box=”B07NW2S7N1,B07GL1976K,,B08CFJBZRK,B010LE4R94,B08H673XKN,B0872HNF94,B07DGD4Z4C,B0188KPKB2,B093DM6ZLQ,B07XR2NXM6″ template=”table”]

Important Features of Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

The wattage of Mixer Grinder

It determines the power of your mixer grinder. In my experience for small households with up to 5 family members, it does not make much sense to go beyond 1000 watts. In fact, in my opinion, 750 watt of mixer grinder is the sweet spot for almost all Indian Family members

Noise Level

Your Mixer grinder should not produce more than 90 decibels (dB). Most mixers will have noise levels between 80-90db which itself is too loud. Make sure you give a dry run without chopper if buying offline or read product specifications about the noise level.


The typical mixer grinder comes with at least 2 years of warranty on the product. So any manufacturer providing less than 2 years of warranty should not the considered a good option

Attachments/jars of mixer grinder

A good mixer grinder should come with a minimum of 3-4 jars. Some of the jars can be

  • Wet Jar (1.75 Litres)
  • Blender Jar with pulp extractor (1.5 Litres)
  • Multipurpose Jar (1 Litre)
  • Chutney Jar (0.5 Litres)

After Sales Service

Always buy a mixer grinder that has good offline after-sales support. We have found many reviews online where customers are complaining about quality issues even Mixer grinder stops functioning after some time. In all such scenarios, it is always suggested that get reputed brands which has service areas span across India.

Best Mixer Grinder In India- Review

1. Bosch 750 watt Mixer Grinder 4 Jars, Black

[amazon box=”B07NW2S7N1″ description=”Bosch  750 Watt mixer grinders are made to deliver robust, low noise performance, with absolutely no compromise in quality. The superior German technology and world-class craftsmanship combine to deliver sturdy, strong machines that stand up to the grinding and mixing challenges you throw at it every day.”]

Equipped with a powerful 750 W 2-C series HI Flux motor, this kitchen appliance by Bosch is designed to deliver high-performance grinding and mixing. If you enjoy juicy delights such as coconut milk or milkshakes, this appliance can help you extract them perfectly for your need.


  • It comes with four jars for various cooking operations for typical Indian household needs
  • With Bosch’s unique Active Flow Breaker, you get finer, fluffier batters every time
  • Completely hands-free operation means you only need to rotate the chutney jar for perfect grinding results in seconds.
  • Its innovation markers include patented Stone Pounding Technology that recreates the traditional pounding effect on dry ingredients to deliver authentic taste and texture.
  • Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the jars are 100% rust-proof, leakage-proof, and shockproof
  • It has concealed bronze bush for contamination-free mixing


  • Price is on the higher side


2. PHILIPS HL7707/00 750W Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars, Black

[amazon box=”B07GL1976K” description=”Prepare healthy, wholesome meals with the Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder. A powerful 750W motor lets you effectively grind even the toughest ingredients. Designed to take up less space, this mixer also comes with durable stainless steel blades and a wide range of accessories.”]

Make your daily kitchen tasks easier using the PowerChop technology for chopping vegetables and fruits, which gives you superior chopping results. This mixer grinder has a 750 W motor and high-quality blades that make the food processing work more efficient. With advanced ventilation system and overload protector ensuring high performance grinding without any worry.


  • The new Philips Mixer Grinder with specially designed gear drive technology enables RPM reduction for performing low-speed food preparation applications like purees, dips, chutneys, and vegetable processing.
  • It also offers high-speed for grinding batters, sweets ingredients, milkshakes, and lassi in the multipurpose jar, and chopping hard ingredients like raw turmeric and garlic in the same jar.
  • Multi-channel air ventilation reduces motor heating and extends motor life. Specially designed gear drive technology offers RPM reduction for performing low-speed food preparation applications like slow juicing, grinding nuts, mixing sticky ingredients, and making chutneys
  • High-Quality stainless steel Jars makes sure they last longer


  • You may experience an initial burning smell


3. Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt mixer grinder

[amazon box=”B08CFJBZRK” description=”Get the job done right every time with the Prestige IRIS 750-Watt Mixer Grinder. This kitchen essential’s powerful motor handles everything from turmeric paste to turmeric powder, while its high-quality blades make easy work of even the toughest ingredients. It has a sturdy, ergonomically designed handle for easy operation and a versatile range of jars that are designed for perfection.”]


  • Prestige iris plus mixer grinder is equipped with 750 watts motor that ensures fast and efficient grinding of ingredients.
  • The unit also comes with 3 stainless steel jars, a polycarbonate dome, and a flow breaker in the jars to get silky smooth batter which makes your kitchen chores easy.
  • It has three-speed control that helps in grinding efficiently while its unique overload protection feature ensures safe usage. The transparent juicer jar further enhances your experience of making delicious juices.


  • We found built quality not at par with competitors

4. Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder

[amazon box=”B010LE4R94″ description=”Preparing healthy meals can be easy with the Philips Viva Collection HL7701/00 Mixer Grinder. It comes with superior stainless steel leak-proof jars that have a large capacity. This mixer grinder also features a one-button click to start and is extremely powerful, making it ideal for preparing healthy recipes.”]


  • Philips Viva Collection Mixer Grinder brings you superior stainless steel leak-proof jars for all your mixing and grinding needs. They are easy to use and clean, with enhanced capacity and jar flow breakers that make all your grinding smooth and simple.
  • With its high-quality stainless steel blade, it allows you to grind even hard spices with ease.
  • Its unique pulp extraction technology ensures you get the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables making it ideal for all your juicing needs.
  • The powerful motor and automatic cut-off function ensure consistent grinding while its unique design makes it easy to handle.


  • None So far

5. Morphy Richards Mixer Grinder, 4 Jars, Silver and Black

[amazon box=”B08H673XKN” description=”Morphy Richards is a leading British home appliances company. With its uniquely designed range of products, it embodies the fusion of form and function, making it a favourite with urban families the world over. The Icon Superb 750W Mixer Grinder comes with overload protection which allows you to be carefree while using the mixer grinder as it prevents the motor from burning out or running when the jar is either overloaded or used continuously for a long time at one go.”]


  • Equipped with three extremely efficient blades, it will help you grind, mix and make pastes in no time.
  • This mixer grinder comes with overload protection which allows you to be carefree while using the mixer grinder as it prevents the motor from burning out or running when the jar is either overloaded or used continuously for a long time at one go.
  • The blades are made of food-grade stainless steel which stays sharp for long and won’t dull even after heavy-duty use.
  • The incher or pulse feature momentarily runs the blades gently to push the bulk of dry ingredients upwards and free the material stuck on the jar wall, instead of continually running the machine at top speed which could overheat it.
  • Comes with an elegant design, this efficient and durable 750W Morphy Richards mixer grinder comes with 3 different jars, including a 1.5L liquidizing jar, 1L dry/wet grinding jar, and a 400ml chutney jar


  • Available in white color which may require frequent cleaning

6. Butterfly Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars (Grey)


Wattage: 750 W; Voltage: 220-240V, 50-60Hz ; Revolution: 18500

[amazon box=”B07DGD4Z4C” description=”Grind more efficiently and faster with the Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder that comes with a powerful 750 Watts motor, 3-speed control, and PC juicer jar. The device is ideal for dry grinding, wet grinding, mixing and blending and comes with a sleek design. Made of ABS body, the mixer grinder comes with Stainless Steel blade for faster performance and long lifestyle.”]


  • Comes with its superior ABS shock-free body and high-quality stainless steel jars and blades. It comes with a juicer attachment to make healthy juices
  • The Anti-slip pads ensure that it does not move about while grinding and smooth handle to hold the jar properly. Featuring stainless steel jars store your food safely, the Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder is built to last.
  • jars are made up of Food grade material that re rust-resistant adding a touch to the stylish and elegant look of your kitchen.
  • A separate blender jar is included to blend fiber with the juice and retain the maximum amount of nutrition with its sharp stainless steel blade that grinds through all kinds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Its three-speed knob allows you to adjust the speed of the blades in different modes to accommodate both coarse and fine grinding.
  • Made with modern technology and durability, it is bound to last longer than any other appliance in your kitchen.


  • No hand-free operation as jar lids can come off during operation

7. Preethi Blue mixer grinder 750 watt Review

[amazon box=”B0188KPKB2″ description=”This Preethi mixer grinder is powerful, efficient, and durable. Its rust and shock-proof body is made using ABS plastic and it comes with an iconic Flexi lid which helps you to make adjustments to the capacity of the jar. It operates on three-speed variations and a pulse function and consumes 750 watts of power.”]


  • The mixer grinder comes with a rust and shock-proof ABS plastic body, making it durable and stable.
  • It comes with a lid that you can use to adjust the capacity of the jar. Also, you can control the speed levels using its 3 different speed variations and a pulse function.
  • Its use of 750 watts of power allows you to grind products efficiently in less time and optimum energy consumption
  • With three variable speeds and a pulse function, this multi-purpose kitchen appliance is useful for every kind of chopping or grinding function. You can make smoothies, grind moong dhal, finely chop ingredients and knead the grand-like dough.
  • The three jars are made up of stainless steel and high precision quality, to give you the most amazing grinding experience.
  • The blades of this Preethi mixer grinder are machine grounded and polished, which gives the best performance and quality output in every use.


  • None

8. Wonderchef Platinum Mixer Grinder 750W

[amazon box=”B093DM6ZLQ”]

9. Crompton Ameo 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

[amazon box=”B07XR2NXM6″]

Mixer grinder Vs Food Processors

Food processors can be used to reduce the amount of time required for slicing cutting grinding, grating, and mixing. However, mixer grinders are used for grinding and, at the very least, for making juice.

Food processors tend to be flexible and ideal for those seeking a single device to handle all cooking tasks, while mixer grinders are ideal for regular batters, pastes, smoothies, and so on.

Mixer Grinder Brands in India

Some of the best Mixer grinder brands in India are as follow:


Philips is a reputed and well-established consumer electronic brand in India. We found that their mixer grinders are apt for Indian households and provide great features at a good price point.


Bosch is a german brand and has a lot of fan following in India. Their Mixer grinder is currently one of best selling mixer grinders on Amazon with thousands of customer reviews to follow. You can buy with great confidence and enjoy all desi meal food preparation thanks to this mixer grinder


Prestige is also a reputed brand in India, and are mostly known for their pressure cooker range. They have launched several products in other consumer segments and kitchen appliance segments. Their mixer grinder is always in high demand on amazon as well as at offline stores.

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards is considered one of the premium brands in India when it comes to kitchen appliances. Their products are known for premium and quality use of materials.

Final Thoughts on Mixer Grinders

Mixer Grinder is one appliance that makes your kitchen look modern and stylish saves your precious time and energy. It is also a versatile machine that can make many items such as coconut chutney, masala paste, raw banana wafers, barfi, Puran Poli, etc with ease.

The Kitchen is the heart of any house and the Mixer Grinder is one of the most vital kitchen appliances. If your mixer grinder stops working, it won’t be a healthy start to the day! We have written this article to help you find the best mixer grinder in India, along with essential tips, reviews, and FAQs. Please share this article with your friends and family and help them make an intelligent purchase decision.