8 Best Coffee Table online India (June 2022)

if you are looking for a coffee table online in India, then this article is for you. When decorating the living room, most people first consider the sofa and other pieces of furniture like the entertainment center. But if you get a great coffee table, it can pull your entire living room together. Coffee tables come in a variety of styles; choose one that fits with your decor and lifestyle.

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Coffee tables are an essential piece of furniture in most living rooms. They occupy space in the center of a room and are usually paired with a sofa, so you’ll want one that looks right and matches your home’s decor.

What is a Coffee Table?

The coffee table is also known as a center table in many places. It is a low table placed in front of the sofa and used to support the remote control, drinks, books, magazines, small snacks, and other items we might need while resting or watching television.

It is also a functional element, with aesthetic and decorative functions, that help to bring harmony to a room. It is important to invest in a good model, so it is necessary to evaluate each characteristic of coffee tables, its advantages and disadvantages before making a purchase decision

These are List of the Best Coffee Table Online in India

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Best Coffee Table in India- Review

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Acamar Solid Sheesham Wood Coffee Table with 4 Stools

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Sleek and minimalistic, this coffee table with stools from Solimo will add a sense of sophistication to your home. The unique design is made from Sheesham wood and comes with four comfortably cushioned stools. It will surely become an eye-catcher in any room it’s featured in.

This coffee table with 4 stools has a simple, clean design that will complement most living room setups. Solimo’s coffee table is made from Sheesham wood and comes coated with a walnut finish.

This set is easy to assemble. If you’re not entirely happy with your product simply reach out to us for return or replacement instructions. Solimo coffee table can carry up to 100 kg and the stools can carry up to 95kg

2. G Fine-G Fine Furniture Wooden Rectangle Centre Coffee Table for Living Room,  Sheesham Wood, Warm Chestnut

[amazon box=”B088WCGMBS” description=”Product Dimensions (In CM):- Length: 117 CM, Width: 65 CM, Height: 42 CM.

This wooden center table is a source of grace as well as utility. The Centre table is an important part of modern living. So, we have come up with this fantastic center table that matches your living room furniture and adds a new elegance to it.

It is crafted with perfection and will help you store the essentials in your home. This center table is made of good quality Teak Wood, Sheesham Wood, and MDF (Medium Density Fiber) for its long service life. This center table comes with very sturdy legs that give it a royal look. In short, this center table is worth every penny of yours.”]

Other G Fine Tables worth Exploring are:

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3. JGS Contemporary Solid Wooden Iron Frame Contemporary Center Coffee Tables Furniture for Home Living Room Office

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If you need a coffee table to blend with your decor and garden, this product will make a wonderful addition. This table is made of high-quality solid wood with an iron frame for years of reliable use. The large surface top is great for keeping books, newspapers, magazines, or even cups of coffee. This coffee table blends the look of stylish classic vintage elegance and a simple functional modern design to create a fantastic new feeling in your home. It will match all styles of furniture.

4. Decornation Tyla Solid Wooden Coffee Table with Drawer Storage and Shelf

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  • Material and Dimension: This Tyla Solid wooden coffee table is made of natural wood. It has an excellent coating. This coffee table comes in 42 x 20 x 16 In (L x W x H) Size.
  • Perfect for the traditional or modern home, this large stylish coffee table is a real eye-catcher. The cleverly designed table combines storage and shelf space making it a great addition to any room.
  • The tabletop comfortably accommodates food serving items, and the shelf is large enough to house your papers and other items
  • Give your home a luxurious look with this wood tea coffee table. This table will change the outlook of your home and give a live view to your eyes coupled with a great design, long-lasting, high-quality material”]

5. Home Furniture Wooden Coffee Table for Living Room and Office

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6. Kepler Brooks Gracia Metal Coffee/Center Table with Glossy Finish Tabletop

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  • Size and Dimension-Top Ring Diameter- 63 cm | Bottom Ring Diameter- 57 cm | Height- 44 cm | Wood Thickness – 18 mm | Base Thickness – 5.5 mm rod coil | Weight – 3.85 kg | Load Capacity – upto 75 kg
  • Kepler Brooks Gracia Metal Coffee/Center Table is a commercial MDF with a Glossy finish offering great durability and long life to the furniture. It is built with Base Material made up of Iron rod coil, Wood Corner Type – Edge Banded Tape covered for a classy finish.
  • Gracia Metal Coffee/Center Table can be used as a coffee table, central table, and also as an end table or bedside table. It’s of perfect size to hold your drinks, magazines, and other small items, while at the same time taking up minimal space when you are using it next to a sofa or chair.
  • The strong metal wire is a sturdy and stable construction both for the practical tabletop and for your hands when you want to lift the table. The airy design makes the table easy to lift and move e.g. from the sofa to your favorite armchair. “]

7. Inmarwar Wooden Unique Coffee Centre Table for Living Room

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8. Wakefit Java Coffee Table with Four Compartments 

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Modern Coffee Table- Buying Guide


Coffee tables are literally the center of the room, so we should make them the focus of all eyes and strengthen our decor with them. To do this, we first need to choose the right material. These are the most popular and critically acclaimed materials.

  • Glass Coffee Tables: The ideal choice if you want a clear coffee table. They are very elegant and attractive, but also quite delicate, so they would not be the most suitable material if there were children in the house.
  • Wooden coffee tables: They add warmth, but depending on the color they can be heavy. It will always take up more space visually unless it is designed with narrow legs or combined with glass.


The size of the table must be adapted to the space and layout of the room. There is a wide range of table sizes, from very small to quite large. Before buying one, you should think about how much space you actually have to use it without it getting in the way when passing. In terms of height, tables should not be higher than the height of the sofa seats. They can be on the same level or even a little lower. However, if you like to eat on the sofa in front of the TV, you can opt for tables with a shelf that can be raised in height, which are perfect for this context.


First of all, we must think about the style that best suits our living room. Depending on the decor we already have, we’ll look for a table that fits with it. This doesn’t mean it has to be exactly like the rest of the room, but that it complements it. There are many options, including the following

  • Minimalist coffee tables: They are the perfect complement if you already have other elements that stand out in your living room decor, as they will mark the visual balance.
  • Rustic coffee tables: They are the most versatile, as they can be used both in the living room and outdoors. Plus, if you choose a simple design, you’ll have a timeless piece that you can wear for a long time. Also, it will fit into all trends.
  • Vintage Coffee Tables: If what you are interested in is giving a room an aging feeling without considering it old, then the vintage style is for you.


Color is a criterion that must be analyzed together with the choice of material. This is because they must have a harmonious combination, as not all colors go well with all types of materials. So, if you want a more discreet coffee table with classic touches, good advice is to opt for more sober colors and simple material.

Final Thought

The coffee table is a very practical and versatile piece that allows us to organize or store objects that we usually have on hand, such as books, cell phones, or the remote control. It is also a key decoration element, reflecting our personality and style.

We can classify them according to their style, shape, size or the use we will give them. To choose the right one, it will just depend on our needs and tastes. For example, if what you want is a coffee table that breaks the typical rule of the individual coffee table and that also brings originality to your home, after reading this article you will surely know that you should buy grouped or multiple coffee tables.