7 Best Sofa Cover in India (June 2022)

So you have just bought a sofa, now thinking about how to protect it. The best sofa cover can give a complete makeover to your new or existing Sofa set. I have been personally using a few of them and yes they do bring a new vibe to your living space.

If you have not bought a sofa yet or exploring the best sofa available online, you can refer to our article on Best Sofa Brands in India to get some of the best recommendations and best value for money Sofa.

Let me put a straight disclaimer that these sofa covers are also known as High Stretch New Designs Sofa Covers. These are mostly made from spandex material which makes them stretchy and easy to fit. We also understand that these may not fit your criteria so we suggest you do some due diligence before making a purchase.

What we have found in our research and You will also notice that majority of them may appear different from a Brand name perspective but essentially they are either sourced from the same manufactures or made at the same place. That being said, every brand has its own collection and various design patterns which are worth looking for.

Before we go into the detailed review of each one of them, let me share my top picks of the best sofa covers you can find in India.

List of best Sofa cover in India

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How to choose/select the right size of your Sofa Cover

In general, you can follow below thumb rule below to determine the size of your Sofa set to estimate and get the right size.

Measure the length of your Sofa and follow below pointer:

  • If the length of your sofa is 90-145 cm or (35-37 inches), you should select a single-seater combination
  • If the length of your sofa is 145-185 cm select double seater sofa cover
  • For the length of the sofa 185 cm to 230 cm, select a triple seater sofa cover
  • for 230cm to 300 cm select a four-seater cover

How to Buy Best Sofa Cover- Buying Guide

Best Fit

The cover for this sofa is fixed to the body of the sofa creating a smooth, wrinkle-free surface. The fabric of polyester in the cover provides you with a perfect sitting surface that doesn’t slide.

Sofa covers are made of premium spandex, a cloth that is well-known for its flexibility. The sofa cover is elastic enough to allow you to drape your sofa easily

Quality of the Fabric

In our Opinion, sofa covers should be made up of a mix of smooth, soft, and long-lasting nylon and spandex. This top choice of fabric offers you super elastic and breathable sofa covers

Design patterns

A quality sofa cover should not only give you quality in terms of fabric and snug fit but its design should be very modern. The quality of print should be top-notch and should be long-lasting. I always suggest going for a design pattern that matches your living space color combination and vibe.

Water repellent feature

Some of today’s modern sofa covers are soft at the same time good at repelling water for those occasional and accidental water spillages. This should be an added advantage if you are confused between selecting from two of the best available sofa covers.

Dirt and Hair Repellent

This feature is almost the same as above with the only point to look is easy to remove pet hairs, in case you have pets at your home. This could be a driving point in your purchase decision.

Best Sofa Covers in India

Lukzer 3 Seater Sofa Cover with 2 Cushion Covers

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House of Quirk Universal Triple Seater Sofa Cover Big Elasticity Cover for Couch

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Tony Stark Spandex & Polyester Fabric Floral Super Stretchable 

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ISHRO HOME Polyester + Spandex Non-Slip Sofa Cover 3 Seater 

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Deejay Spandex & Polyester Fabric Floral Super Stretchable sofa cover

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House of Quirk Universal Triple Seater Sofa Cover Big Elasticity Cover

[amazon box=”B07YLLJ9Z1″]

AKB EXPORTS Universal Geometric Three Seater High Stretch Super Soft Stylish Non Slip Sofa Slipcover 

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