8 Best Swing Chair for Balcony (June 2022)

If you love swinging chairs, you should read this article. These are also known as hanging Jhula for home. These swing chairs are also known as jhula for home come with sturdy stands, and are strong enough to sustain weight to a normal adult up to 150 Kgs which is more than enough.

These Jhulas or swing chairs are very portable and you can put them into either your living room or on the balcony to enjoy your morning and evening view.

Hanging chairs are a stylish feature that is extremely trendy today. Its appealing and innovative design, coupled with its luxurious comfort, creates a unique area to relax. In addition, the versatility of this product makes it suitable for both adults and children.

This wonderful piece of furniture that is able to be utilized in every room of the home can add a modern and modern look to your house.

List of Best Swing chair for Balcony

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Outdoor swings for home India- Buying Guide

Suspension system for Home Swing Chairs

Your typical swings for home are hung using Chains, support, or Metal Stand. But, they’re different from one another and dependent on the type of method, your chair may feature one or the other function. Let’s take a look at the chairs that are most popular.

For Outdoor swings for home India

The metal hook for the stand is used to hold chains that support the swing. Metal Chains are the most popular hanger for armchairs or chairs since they can support your weight and some object exceptionally well.

For Indoor swings for home India

The most typical is to locate a metal foot, on where the structure hangs similar to Egg chairs. The support is joined to a rotating shaft in order to let the chair move without becoming stuck. Additionally, there are straps that are connected to trees or wall hooks as for hammocks.


The range of materials available when purchasing this type of product is awe-inspiring. It’s the reason you may be overwhelmed, particularly when you’re confronted by different textures or not sure of how they will work with your decor. Don’t fret! Find out more about the most commonly used components

  • Metal One of the most frequently used metals is Steel because of its simplicity and toughness. It is also easy to clean. It is mostly used for seating outdoors and is extremely strong.
  • Plastics are light and cheap It offers a diverse selection of designs. It’s also easy to wash, however, it is susceptible to being damaged or scratched easily.
  • Rattan: It is a kind of climbing plant frequently employed as a decorative plant. Naturally, it can be destroyed by rain, and we don’t recommend it for use outside. Synthetic rattan is available for less money that is more sturdy and robust.
  • Fabric The fabric’s light weight makes it the most popular kind of product. We often see it utilized for hammocks made of yarn or cotton. It is also simple to clean and maintain, hence its popularity. There are stunning designs such as macrame that are extremely well-liked for hanging chairs.

Best hanging jhula India- Review

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1. Carry Bird™ Swing Basket Chair with Curve with double Seat Arrangement

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This is two Person Swing Chair with a Loveseat with Cushion and Cover for an indoor Outdoor Bedroom Patio Garden. Two-person chairs are in fashion these days as they allow the user to be seated as a king, and take the user immediately into holiday mode. It is a great way to liven up your backyard, patio poolside, or porch.


  • This is one of the Best Quality swing chairs and is built for extra comfort
  • Ultra-Durable- Built using a strong Powder Coated steel frame and Hand-Woven Commercial Grade The All-weather Rattan Wicker is made of PE.
  • Cushion made of outdoor fabric and is filled with soft cotton and breathable fabric
  • The stand is made of durable and strong iron. It can accommodate two people and has enough room for any position you’d like.


  • Double seat arrangement may not be for everyone

2. Universal Furniture Outdoor Single Swing Chair

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Get this hanging basket Swing Chair to add a lively relaxing vibe to your outdoor space. It is constructed with sturdy faux Rattan Wicker in black-brown and an iron frame that is sturdy and durable.


  • Made up of high-quality powder-coated steel frame for extra durability
  • The weave used is high-quality Rattan wicker material
  • We found that the Pole and base color combination of White, Black. Dark coffee looks modern


  • The cushion could have been a bit softer

3. Cite-Jhula Hanging Swing Chair

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Get a taste of sunshine and warm weather with your outdoor swing chair. The cushion is all-weather and has a cover, which is machine washable weather-proof, and fade resistant, providing long-lasting comfort.

With a strong steel frame coated with powder and a seat made of powder-coated steel. The seat of this patio swing chair is covered with luxurious synthetic rattan, creating an attractive and comfy seat to rest.


  • Best Contemporary design
  • Cite is a good brand on Amazon for hanging Jhula/swing chairs
  • Curves are gentle and the material has a good texture for best comfort
  • Supports up to 150 Kg, ideal for all Indian adults and kids
  • It comes with Premium Fluffy Cushion is a soft, fluffy cushion that is perfect to relax during a sunny and warm day with a good book and a hot cup of coffee


  • Not deliverable in all the areas

4. City Outdoor Furniture_Single Seater Swing Chair

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Add fun to your living space with this city outdoor swing chair jhula. Hanging basket Swing Chair adds a fun outdoor lounge space. It is made up of a durable powder-coated Iron frame The seat of this swing chair is made with a luxurious synthetic rattan, creating an elegant and comfortable spot to relax.


  • Great all-weather construction of metal stand and entire Jhula
  • Cushions are fluffy and comfortable
  • Can sustain weight up to 120 Kg
  • We found it has a good color combination, on Amazon such as Black and red, brown and green combo, etc


  • While 120 Kg weight is good, we were expecting 150 as desirable

5. Single Seater Swing from Shri Sai Outdoor

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  • Available in multiple color combinations of mech and Cushion color
  • One of the best and highest rated swing chairs with stand on Amazon
  • Supports weight up to 150 kg
  • The primary material is rattan wicker for great quality


  • Check delivery in your area

6. Baobab RATTANS ingle Swing Basket Chair with Curve Stand

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  • Dimension :104.1 x 104.1 x 213 cm
  • Weight of Product: 30 Kg


  • Modern design compared to many similar swing chairs
  • It has a more pronounced teardrop shape which is eyecatching
  • The cushion is made of all-weather material which resistant to water and is fade proof
  • The stand is made up of high strength iron


  • Supports weight up to 110 Kg

7. Aeron Single Seater |Swing Chair with Stand & Cushion

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  • Dimension :45 x 45 x 180
  • Weight of Product: 28 Kg


  • Nice and smooth performance
  • Good quality cushion and frame material at a given price
  • great color combination
  • Uses Poly nylon which lasts long in all weather
  • Supports maximum weight up to 150 kg

8. DMosaic Hanging Swing Chair with Cushion & Hook

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  • Dimension :66.04 x 96.52 x 116.84 cm
  • Weight of Product: 15 Kg


  • Good color combination
  • Material strength looks good
  • Rustproof design and can be put into Balcony


  • Some customers are complaining of creek sound which can be specific to a particular unit

How to Install/Assemble a hanging swing chair with Stand

The installation of a hanging chair is a straightforward job that will take no longer than a couple of minutes. For most outside seating arrangements, the chair will be supported by the foot So all you need to do is put it up.

For outdoor hanging chairs and armchairs, you’ll require a bracket to be attached to the stands. A few suspended chairs even have two ropes. If this is the case, ensure that they are securely attached prior to sitting down. Also, we recommend that you place more than 30 centimeters of space between the seats and floor since over time, they’ll begin to shrink and you could get too near to the ground.

Swing Chair Faqs

Which are the best outdoor swings for home India

In our comparison study, we found that some of the best swing chairs in India are from the Carrybird brand, Cite, and Universal brand. These Swing Chairs are best suited for the Outdoor requirements of your home and can be put on your Balcony for that early morning tea sip, reading the newspaper, or even enjoying that perfect sunset together with your family.

Which material is best of Swing Chairs

If you have followed this article, you might have already come to know that some of the best Swing chairs are made using Steel frames and uses a solid stand for that sturdy and perfect stability.

These swing chairs use a material called Rattan to make perfect waves, that mesh you see on these swing chairs. Rattan is grown naturally and is found in Asia, Australia especially the Indian subcontinent.

Summary/ Final Though

It has grown to be a popular product due to its ability it offers relaxation and comfort It also provides a wide variety of styles, colors as well as textures, and materials. It is able to adapt to any environment and every type of consumer.

We hope that our recommended list will help you decide in buying the best swing chair for great optimum comfort.

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