5 Best window AC India 2022 (March)

If you have been planning to buy an AC but are confused about whether you should buy a Window or a split AC, well you are not alone. Both AC may give you the required cooling but each one of them comes with certain caveats. In my opinion, if you don’t want the hassle of getting your wall drilled so that you put the required pipes for Split AC or you live in a rented property, always on move get a Window AC without even giving a second thought.

If I have to sum it up, these are the benefits of Window AC over Split AC

  1. Easy Installation of you already have a slot/sit available
  2. Heating Function– Most windows ACs can act as a heater as well during winters
  3. Cheaper/Economical compared to Split ACs
  4. Easier to clean – Let me tell you frequent cleaning is one way to always get clean Hygienic air as well maintain longer Ac life
  5. Portable –¬†If you are frequently on move, always go for window Acs
  6. Energy Efficient– This may not be completely true but in general Windows, Acs are more efficient

Before we deep dive further and discuss each window ac in detail, Let me share our recommended list of the best window AC in India.

List of Best window AC India

[amazon box=”B09PZ1GZ8R,B00NBM4LJ0,B09RPFQ8Z5,B08Z3H6PXM,B08XZJSD7B” template=”table”]

How we did the research for Best Window AC- Weightage Criteria

Well, we did comprehensive research on the various features of available window ACs and came up with our recommended list for best buy recommendations. We came up with our Scoring mechanism (Maximum Mark of 10) to rank these ACs for a recommended list. In our list we selected a price range of Rs 25000 to Rs 35000.

Some of the Important features worth mentioning

1. Ac Tonnage

( Weight Assigned 1/10)

At a price range of Sub Rs 35000, if an AC has more tonnage for a lesser amount was assigned more weightage. In my opinion, go for AC in the range of 1 Ton to 1.5 Ton, these are enough for Indian household requirements.

2. Energy Efficiency rating

( Weight Assigned 3/10)

Now, this was one of the most crucial and important factors considering Window AC consumes more power for the same cooling when compared to a Split AC. we followed the same strategy for the price segment of Rs 35k, a more energy-efficient star rating fetched more rating points from us. Always go for at least 3-star AC, in long run, you will lot of money.

ProTip: You should buy at least 3-star energy efficient window AC

3. Brand Value

We assigned more marks to reputed manufacturers from likes of Samsung, LG, Voltas, Panasonic, etc. Essentially we almost weighted them equally as almost all the brands were reputed ( Weight Assigned 1/10)

4. After Sales Support

(Weight Assigned 2/10)

After-sales support is an important factor when buying an AC. As we don’t use them throughout the year and most of the tie they tend to remain idle or in shutdown positions, and the best practice is to have a maintenance every year or every second year before summers. This is the time after-sales support and brand network comes into play. A good brand should provide you good support across the nation

5. Inverter AC

Inverter ACs are the norm these days. They are more reliable and energy-efficient compared to normal ones. Since we had already provided a lot of weightage to energy efficiency we went ahead by providing one extra point for the brands havingInverter tech-enabled.( Weight Assigned 1/10)

6. Refrigerant Gas

Go for R32 as they are not environment friendly and do not contribute to Ozone depletion ( Weight Assigned 1/10)

7. Smart Feature such as Wi-Fi Control 

This is a smart feature that can make your life comfortable as you can control your AC with the click of the phone. (Weight Assigned 1/10)

Best Window ACs India 2022 – Review

1. LG 1.5 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Window AC

Score: 9/10

[amazon box=”B09PZ1GZ8R” description=”This Air conditioner is powered with inverter compressor and has a variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. The durable copper condenser coil gives best-in-class efficiency and keeps the AC energy efficient and saves you electricity bills. Rust, dust, and toxins will not affect this air conditioner because it is equipped with Ocean Black Protection. It has a built-in stabilizer for easy operation and prevents voltage damage.”]

LG DUAL Inverter Window AC is powered by the most advanced inverter technology, with a 4-way air deflection design, powerful compressor, and 100 percent copper wire with Ocean Black Protection, it boasts high energy efficiency and durability.

Dual cooling allows different temperatures to be set for the refrigerator and freezer compartments to save energy.

2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Score: 8.7/10

[amazon box=”B00NBM4LJ0″ description=”Elegantly Designed to Enhance your Interiors Voltas Window Air Conditioners are slim, sleek & stylish and will blend perfectly with your room interiors. Designed for the Indian climate, the air conditioner comes with a 100% copper condenser coil that provides better cooling and requires low maintenance.

It is fitted with multi-stage filtration that provides clean and fresh air along with efficient cooling. The active dehumidifier senses the indoor humidity and controls it in monsoon.”]

3. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Score: 8.5/10

[amazon box=”B09RPFQ8Z5″ description=”Panasonic’s 1.5 ton 3 Star Window AC is designed to provide complete relief during the sweltering heat outside. The Powerful Mode cools your room faster the moment you switch on your air conditioner.

The Dry Mode controls the humidity in the air by removing moisture. Its PM 2.5 Filter provides dust-free, clean air by removing PM 2.5 particles in the air.

This roller Grey window AC is capable of cooling a room of up to 153 square feet within minutes and it comes with a 1-year warranty on product and 5 years warranty on compressor.”]

4. Hitachi 1.5Ton 3 Star Window AC

Score: 8.3/10

[amazon box=”B08Z3H6PXM” description=”Featuring 100% Inner Grooved Copper Tube, the Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC retains cooling efficiency levels even at high temperatures, making it suitable for tropical climates. Its smart technology allows you to set the desired temperature and reach it by a particular time automatically, while its tropical design ensures powerful performance throughout summers.”]

Low refrigerant detection alerts you to refill the required refrigerant in the AC. Moreover, this air conditioner features a unique Filter Clean Indicator that auto-alerts you when the air filters need cleaning to ensure optimum performance.

The Hitachi Window AC has a SuperFine mesh filter that captures microdust particles and offers hassle-free cleaning. This machine uses eco-friendly R32refrigerant. The LCD remote with a backlight gives you the comfort of various settings even during night time.

5. Carrier 1.5T Estrella NX 3 Star Window AC

Score: 8.1/10

[amazon box=”B08XZJSD7B” description=”Keep your family healthy and safe with the Carrier 1.5T Estrella NX 3 Star Window AC. The advanced filters remove dust, pollen, gases, odor, and bacteria, while the exhaust command ensures that the room is constantly supplied with clean air.

The Nexgen Dehumidifier helps in reducing the humidity level in a room, and the I-Detect Technology enables you to quickly fix any problems through quick error codes. “]

Personally, I was blown away by its cooling capacity at this price point. This AC comes with excellent cooling, very low noise, and is well built. Once I started using it, there is no need for any more maintenance in the next few years except for timely service. If you are planning to buy a window AC, I would recommend this one as the best buy at this price.

Only Place it loses some of the point is After sales support is not as great as some of other brands

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