7 Best Cast Iron kadai in India (June 2022)

Looking for the best-cast iron Kadai, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will cover detailed aspects of some of the Best cast iron Kadai currently available in India. Now Since you are specifically looking for cast iron Kadai, we will not cover other types of Kadai such as Non-Stick Kadai, or stainless steel Kadai. In case you are interested in Cast iron Dosa Tawa, you can refer to our Best Dosa Tawa in India article for the best recommendations.

Coming back to different types of Kadai, I would like to mention that each type of Kadai has its pros and cons. We recommend using Cast iron Kadai if you are confused between a Nonstick and Cast Iron Kadai. In the next section, we have highlighted some of the great benefits of using a cast iron Kadai.

What are the benefits of Cast iron Kadai?

A healthier way of Cooking

Although it is widely accepted that cast iron raises the iron content of food items, however, many people ignore this fact. The huge benefit brought by casting iron kitchen utensils is that they are beneficial to everyone, especially pregnant women and those suffering from anemia weakened immunity or people who, due to any reason, aren’t eating the right amount of iron-rich food.

Uniform Heating and cooking temperature

Cast iron cookware is incredibly heavy, and this can cause certain people to set up an obstacle when selecting the best pan for the kitchen. What they don’t realize is that their weight is an integral part of its magic that allows heat to stay longer than the majority of other pans.

Great durability, almost indestructible

Let’s look at a case to help you better understand the quality of cast iron utensils. For instance, an iron pot that was abandoned or left unattended will definitely have signs of rusting and decay, however, its design will stay the same.

Before we go into details of individual Cast iron Kadai, let me share our recommended list of best-cast iron Kadai in India.

These are the Best Cast Iron Kadai in India

1. Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai with Lid

[amazon box=”B08HYQ2ZHF” description=” This pre-seasoned cast iron Kadai from Vinod can be your best bet for the latest and greatest cast iron cookware. This Kadai is on our top recommendation for the best-cast iron Kadai currently in India. Vinod claims it is handcrafted using the best-cast iron to get that perfect traditional look.”]

This Kadai comes in various sizes and capacities, which can be confusing if you do not pay close attention while placing an online order. We recommend that if you have a family size of more than 5 people, you should go with a little higher dimension. you can find them below.


  • Comes with perfect snug fit glass lead which prevents heat escape and fast cooking
  • Comes with a handle cover to operate while cooking
  • This Kadai is dishwasher safe
  • Even heat distribution thanks to the quality cast iron used in this Kadai


  • Like all cast iron cookware, you need to give proper attention to seasoning for maintaining it for a longer duration

2. Meyer Cast Iron Kadai with Lid

[amazon box=”B097N1R36F” description=”Meyer is one of the top cast iron cookware brands in India. Get this Cast Iron Kadai to enjoy the benefits of healthy cooking. Meyer offers this classic cast iron Kadai that is Pre-seasoned, and is ready-to-use, helping you prepare cuisine for a lasting memory!

This Kadai from Mayer will give you all benefits of cast iron that guarantees an entire lifetime of safe and healthy cooking!”]

Meyer is one of the best brands for cookware. They are known for their quality range of products. Their Cast iron cookware offers a great combination of modern and traditional styles of slow cooking.


  • It has no enamel and is absolutely toxin-free and has no chemical coating on either the surface.
  • Comes pre-seasoned using 100 percent vegetable oils, you should regularly be seasoned creates an organic non-stick chemical-free surface that is suitable for cooking low-oil.
  • It has a great unibody design free of welding joints or screws
  • Cast iron will give you a powerful authentic Indian flavor to your food preparations.
  • High-quality cast material warms up quickly and evenly and holds the heat for longer
  • Ideal for all cooktops, even induction.
  • The set comes with two canvas handles (for each handle on the side) to make it easy to handle


  • The price is a bit on the higher side

3. Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron Kadhai

[amazon box=”B0965B8P7X” description=”Forza Kadai is the latest offering from WonderChef. It is suitable for not only modern exotic cuisines but traditional age-old home-cooked favorites. Now you can cook right from spicy pakodas sweet jalebis or the delicious cooked noodles and rice. Get this kadi from Wonderchef for guilt-free cooking. “]

Food cooked with Forza cast-iron, pre-seasoned Kadhai will bring authentic Indian flavor to your meals. Indian cuisine is always bursting with flavor and cast iron helps to bring out the flavors.


  • This is the latest and one of the best-cast iron cookware offerings from Wonderchef
  • It has a superior finish with smooth edges compared to many of its competitors
  • Uses quality cast iron which is heavy and is perfect for Indian dishes such as Dum Biryani, Koftas
  • It is compatible with all types of cooktops including gas and Induction based
  • Comes pre-seasoned with plant oil


  • Like all cast iron special instructions need to be followed for maintenance i.e seasoning

4. The Indus Valley Super Smooth Kadai

[amazon box=”B08VW3GN6P” description=” “]

Indus Valley is another great brand known for its set of cast iron cookware. This Kadai made up of 100% cast iron will not only ensure that your food is nutritious, but it’s also more delicious and requires less oil than non-stick cookware.


  • Comes with two sets of handles for easy handling while cooking
  • The flat bottom makes it compatible with induction as well traditional gas cooktops
  • Comes preseasoned with edible oil
  • great for making Gravies, frying roasting, and other Indian delicacies


  • Delivery experience can vary as per your location

5. Prestige Cast Iron Kadai

[amazon box=”B08XMJQT93″]


  • You get the trust of one of the loved Indian brand
  • This cast iron Kadai from Prestige has a scratch-resistant body for long-lasting life
  • Uses quality cast iron which retains heat has even heat distribution


  • Not Induction-friendly bottom. In case you are looking for Induction compatibility, you should look at another option

6. CountryCook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok/Kadai with Lid

[amazon box=”B09H383BFV” description=”CountryCook Cast iron Kadai has a great modern look and finish. It blends the rich history of cast iron with modern cooking requirements. It is made of solid, pure high-quality steel and iron this non-stick, healthy wok is the ultimate in heat distribution. “]


  • One-piece, unibody design free of screws or welding joints
  • Comes pre-packaged with seasoning made with 100 100% vegetable oil (no chemical or synthetic ingredients).
  • The cast iron wok features a smooth, polished finish as well as an elongated base that helps to ensure uniform heat distribution to facilitate cooking and frying on stoves, grills, or cooktops with induction.
  • Comes with a Rubber grip for handles for safety once Kadai becomes too hot during cooking
  • The cast-iron cookware can last for a long time and even more.


  • Price can be on the higher side for some

7. BERGNER Elements Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai with Glass Lid

[amazon box=”B08QP2ZCRM” description=” This beautiful Cast iron Kadai from Bergner is made from toxin-free pure ferrous ore i.e. Cast Iron. It has to be one of the top-notch quality cast iron Kadai currently available online. It comes with a quality glass lid which will speed up your cooking process. “]


  • Uses Superior  Cast iron helps in ensuring evenly distributed heat throughout the cooking pans
  • It comes equipped with an ergonomic grip that allows you to hold the kadhai with ease
  • Silicon handles cover Cast iron Kadhai is equipped with the cover for the handle made of silicon which makes it simple to safely transport the hot kadhai from the stove to the table.
  • Comes Pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. It does not contain any chemical or synthetic coatings
  • It’s simple to clean and maintain.
  • It is safe to use Non-toxic, non-staining, and inert with food items


  • Prices can be higher for some

Cast Iron Kadai Vs Non-Stick Kadai

Non-stick cookware may be still popular across several households, However, what the majority of people don’t realize is that they’re not great for our health. When heated to high temperatures especially without putting any oil or water (like when you’re preheating prior to cooking or roasting meat) the pans release chemical compounds into the air that are known as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs).

The scratched nonstick releases more PFCs into food. Research has linked specific PFCs including PFOA and PFOS with a variety of issues relating to liver dysfunction, hormones, and the health of your brain.

Cast iron Kadai is distinguished by the feature that they are made entirely from cast iron. Since it is constructed from iron, it’s perfect for cooktops with induction cooking provided that it has a flat bottom.

The cast iron material is an excellent material for heat transfer and heat retention, making it more suited to the needs of Kadai.

Best cast Iron Kadai- Buying Guide


Kadai comes in various sizes. The larger the Kadai, the more food items it can hold, as well as the more time it is required to cook and heat food.

The ideal size of Kadai should be at least 2.5 liters for a 4-5 person family so that you can easily cook, Gazar ka halwa to (can easily cook up to 1kg), prepare and cook kadhi for the daily or occasional meal.

The majority of jobs are split into three distinct sizes. The smaller Kadai is has a diameter of 30 centimeters, medium-sized Kadai with diameters of 30 to 35 cm, and large Kadai that have a capacity of 40 centimeters.

When it comes to how big the Kadai the stove plays an important part. The Kadai shouldn’t be bigger than the hob that is placed.

Summarizing the size of Kadai that you should buy.

  • Small Kadai- Diameter of 20-25 Cm
  • Medium Size Kadai- 25-30 Cm
  • large Kadai-30- 40 cm


Its weight varies on the type of material used and its size. The general rule is that cast iron lamellae are among the largest models, while aluminum and stainless-steel lamellae are very light in weight. This is particularly important in the event that you spin your Kadai when cooking.

In this instance, it is recommended to opt for a lighter Kadai because it could be difficult to spin. The lighter models start at about 300g. Not all Kadai are appropriate to spin.

We suggest that, if it’s possible, you put the Kadai in your hands at the time you purchase it and feel it in your hands. This will let you know the weight or if it’s too light for you, and what you might cook frequently with it.


In terms of how the Kadai is designed the base plays a significant part. The most suitable stoves are round in their bottoms which is the reason they’re not suitable for all kinds of stoves. It is also important to consider a Kadai that has the most rounded edges.

Do you wish to put the Kadai with a traditional ceramic hob or an induction cooktop, You require a Kadai that has a flat bottom. They are also known as Kadai pans. They are often confused with the Kadai.

Cast iron Kadai with lid

A cast-iron Kadai that comes with a lid cover can be the best combination. A good quality heavy lid makes sure that the heat does not escape while cooking, giving you a better complete cooked food, which is tastier.

There are many Kadai that comes with a Lid cover, we recommend you choose one with a transparent lid as it serves both the purpose of quick-cooking as well as better monitoring during the cooking process.

Cast iron Kadai- FAQs

1. Which is the best cast iron cookware in India

In our review, we found the current Vinod has the Best cast Iron Kadai in India. It is followed by other trustable and respectable brands such as Meyer, Indus Valley, prestige,  and Wonderchef

2. Should I buy Non-Stick Kadai or Cast Iron Kadai

In our opinion, times are changing and people are moving back to the traditional method of cooking that included using Cast Iron. A Non-stick Kadai can be an optional well but we recommend using a cast iron for its health benefits.

A Non-Stick Kadai from not so great brand may lead to toxins getting added to foods because of the bad quality of chemicals such as PFOA being used to get nonstick features.


Given the health benefit of cast iron cookware, you should always go for a cast-iron Kadai. This is especially applicable for us Indian who just love fried food and we frequently use Kadai for various food preparation.

We hope that our list will help you make that perfect purchase decision. In case you liked this article, please share this article with your friends and families.