9 Best Washing Machine in India 2022 (Top Load and Front Load)

Looking for a recommendation on the Best washing machine In India. Well, this article will help in making that perfect buying decision. The good news is that there are multiple offerings from various brands in India. Now, these modern washing machine comes loaded with features and at times it becomes quite difficult for buyers to make decisions.

We have reviewed some of the best washing machines available in India and covered all their pros and cons in detail so that you can make a better purchase decision.

If you are interested in only front load washing machines, you can refer to our article on Best Frontload Washing Machines in India for the best reviews and recommendations.

Before we go into details of the review of each washing machine, let me quickly share our List.

Best Washing Machine in India- Review

1. IFB 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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This washing machine is fully automated and comes with a capacity of 8 kg. The 4D wash program and O2 wash, let you penetrate your clothes, even delicate ones without causing damage. This washing machine comes with a top-quality, intelligent touch panel that is equipped with LED lights ensuring that the operation is effortless and enjoyable to use. “]


  • Weight: 8o kilograms
  • Capacity: 8 Kg (Ideal for large Families)
  • RPM:1 1400
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Warranty 4 years of warranty on the product, four years on the motor you purchase from IFB


  • It comes with Aqua Energie tech which enables better dissolution of detergent for a cleaner wash
  • It has much required Laundry addition feature which enables you to Pause the machine, add more cloth and it will resume the current wash cycle
  • Drums’ internal cuts are specifically designed in a crescent moon shape, better than diamond for handling softer fabrics.
  • Comes with 14 Wash functions for all types of fabric wash and a standard child lock feature 
  • Plenty of wash methods are available to wash various types of clothing like silk, satin, and lace


  • Limited Color Options
  • Check availability in your city

2. Samsung Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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This washing machine is equipped with diamond-shaped drums, which have soft curls, which are gentle on your clothes that are washed. Small holes that allow water exits guarantee that your clothes won’t be sucked in and damaged. The environmentally friendly drum clean technology keeps your clothes clean and fresh and free of harmful chemicals. In general, it’s perfect for office workers or those who are busy.

This model is energy efficient and has an inverter, as well as an integrated heater that has a capacity of 6kg. It’s fully automated with front loading and user-friendly features. The most popular features are the pulsator turbo Superdry and soak that allows you to dry and wash your clothes within one.


  • Capacity: 6 kilograms
  • Controls: Rotating dial as well as buttons
  • Warranty 3 years warranty on the Product, and 10 years on the Motors of Samsung


  • Simple and simple to use, great for families with children
  • Silent and smooth Operation
  • Energy and environmentally friendly and efficient


  • There are a few wash programs that are available
  • Many users may find it difficult to read notifications and msgs on LED

3. Bosch 8 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAJ24267IN, White)

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This fully automated front-loading washer is at the optimum price, with top-quality wash quality. It is also easy to use due to the LCD screen.

This washing machine comes with Eco Silence Drive Vibration Free Water that has Active Water as well as an Anti-wrinkle function, an anti-bacteria program LED display, and the control buttons that can be touched as well as AllergyPlus. Its Anti-Tangle function can reduce the number of knots that are in the laundry by up to 50% which makes it gentler on the fabric and easier to press.

The EcoSilence Motor, with its friction-free drive, decreases heat and wear to guarantee long-lasting durability, quiet operation, and great results when the washing process. The AllergyPlus is specially made to cater to those suffering from allergies as well as those who have sensitive skin. It runs extremely quietly, which makes it the perfect choice for a brand modern washing machine.


  • Size and weight- 63.2 * 59.8 * 84.8 Cm, 71.4 kg
  • Form Factor – Front loading
  • Controls: Touch Control
  • Warranty 2 years of warranty on the product, and 10 years on the motor


  • Anti-Tangle This feature reduces the number of tangles discovered in the washing machine by up to 50 percent, making it less difficult to wash and easier to iron.
  • EcoSilenceDrive’s frictionless motor decreases wear and heat to ensure long-lasting durability, quiet operation, and excellent result when cleaning.
  • AllergyPlus is a special product created to meet the needs of allergy sufferers, as well as sensitive skin
  • Fully automated Operation
  • It is a heavy-duty machine with 8 kg of capacity and is perfect for families with a lot of members.
  • Specially made to meet the demands of skin that is sensitive or allergic.
  • Silent and Quiet operation


  • The touchpad doesn’t have any sensitivity, and you must press harder to get the touchpad to work.
  • The outlets and the inlet pipes are both shorter
  • This little expensive compared to other options


4. Whirlpool 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This washing machine from Whirlpool comes with 12 wash options and an effective 1-2-3 wash system. It comes with an LCD digital LED display, a magical filtering system, and intelligent sensors with the 6th sense. This machine is rated five stars for energy efficiency and can save you over two buckets of water every wash.

The Power Scrub technology ensures thorough cleaning, removing all types of dirt in only one wash. It means you don’t have to be concerned about water spills as it comes with the control panel behind the machine. This feature allows you to plan your wash before time and carry out tasks according to the schedule you have set.


  • Dimensions and weight: 7 kilograms
  • Controls control LED Digital Panel with Touch System


  • A great option for those who reside in hard water zones
  • Warranty: 2 years on the product with 10 years on Motors of Whirlpool
  • Special features include express wash child lock washing technology, power scrub for water, smart lint filters 12 wash programs the 1-2-3 wash program using sixth-sense sensors, and ZPF technology. 740 RPM spin speed
  • The Aqua Store technology lets you have water in stock to use during your next washing
  • The sensor is able to detect the kind of water used and adjust the operating cycle of the wash in accordance with it.
  • A machine that is low-cost for a top-quality wash


  • A few users have voiced complaints about the sound from their dryers.
  • Customer service may not be as excellent as the other brands.

5. Panasonic 5 Star Wifi Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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This washing machine from Panasonic comes fully loaded with WiFi-equipped and is equipped with hands-free operation as well as voice-controlled control via Alexa & Google assistant. The heater built into the unit that comes with five temperature settings allows you to choose the temperature for different clothes.“]

The users can select one of sixteen wash options that satisfy diverse needs. They vary from gentle hand washing to active foam washing. Other distinctive features include pause, adding the brisk wash feature, the wash wizard with voice control along with child lock, and others.

The program is controlled via the AI-enabled app. Wash wizard gives the option of setting wash time using the application. Built-in heat is able to keep the water’s temperature constant to prevent the most difficult staining.


  • Size and weight: 62 29 x 86.8 millimetres, 8 kgs
  • Rotating dials Controls with touch and smooth hands-free operation
  • Voice Control with Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Warranty 2 years of warranty on the product, and 10-years on Motors of Panasonic
  • Additional features include the built-in heater, which has five temperature settings and 1400 spin RPM
  • Comes with 16 wash program choices
  • Comes with a most advanced inverter, which can help you conserve energy.
  • Easy operation using Alexa & Google assistant
  • It gets rid of 99.99 percent of bacteria, oil, and sebum, giving you crystal-clear results every time


  • Price can be on the higher side for a few users

6. Samsung Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This is Samsung washing machine is fully automated that comes in various capacities. It is covered by a two-year total service and warranty on the motor. It is programmed to run at a speed of 600 RPM to give the greater speed of spins which help in faster drying.


  • Size and Weight: 56 x millimeters. 6.5 kilograms
  • Controls – Intuitive LED control panel
  • Warranty: 2-year warranty for the product with a 2-year warranty on motors from Samsung
  • The special features include monsoon mode, center jet Air turbo, and Auto restart level selector for water and child security locks. Power filter, and Tempered glass window. Diamond drum as well as 6 wash programs. 680 RPM spin


  • Comes with a control panel with LEDs and an auto-restart feature, power filtration,
  • Comes with a magical lint filter, and a drum that has diamonds for the maintenance of the clothes.
  • The six wash programs ensure that you will have everything you require for fast washing and intense washing energy efficiency
  • Make sure to treat the fabric gently in order to guarantee an efficient complete and efficient cleaning
  • Intuitive LED control panel
  • Highly efficient with regard to power usage


  • A very limited warranty of just two years – for both the motor as well as the item.
  • Requires a substantial quantity of water

7. Godrej 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This fully automated top-loading washing machine is perfect for families with medium-sized households. It comes with 10 years of guarantee on the motor that is used to wash it as well as a two-year warranty for the product. 700 spin RPM ensures greater spin speed to ensure fast drying. It features an eight-wash program that can fulfill all needs.

Each program is created specifically for a particular type of cloth, which helps protect the cloth from damage and to clean it quickly. Other features that are unique include a tube clean and durable kid lock on the glass lid customized control panel that has digital controls, as well as a turbo 6 Pulsator.


  • Measurement and Weight 56.5 inches by 56.5 9 centimeters. 6 kilograms
  • Controls – Customised digital control panel
  • Warranty: 2 years for the Product with a 10-year warranty on motors from Godrej


  • It is cost-effective and easy to use
  • Extra features comprise Turbo 6 Pulsator, Tub clear with toughened glass lid
  • It has an Acu-wash drum with 700 RPM
  • Comes with nine wash programs Child lock, Active soak
  • In-built soak technology can be used to automatically soak for a period between 5-8 minutes. This will enable easy removal of the stain
  • The Acu-wash Drum technology offers large and small-sized space contours that allow for efficient cleaning and gentle scratching


  • Its appearance, as well as the color, aren’t attractive

8. LG 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This fully automated top-loading machine from LG is perfect for families with three to four members. It has a range of wash programs that can be used on all types of clothes and features the aqua reserve feature that lets you store water.

Other features that are unique include an electronic display, a three-step rinse process, turbo soak kids lock, a water selection feature, delay-timer (3-18 days), and much more. The Punch feature creates water streams that flow vertically to transport clothes inside and out of the machine as it washes.

It’s a green alternative to save time, as well as energy and water. Auto-restart ensures that the machine starts exactly where it stopped in that there are power outages.


  • Dimensions and weight 59 * 59.8 * 84.8 millimeters 6.5 kilograms
  • Controls – Fuzzy Logic Control, Digital Display
  • comes with 2 years of Standard Warranty on the product with LG and 10 years on the Motor with LG


  • Comes with  the SmartThinQ app, which allows self-diagnosis, as well as hands-free operation
  • It has 6 wash programs and Smart Inverter Technology LG smart motor
  • It has a turbo drum stainless steel tub that has an intelligent diagnosis
  • It has a standard child lock  and Auto-balance system with clear window glass to see your wash progress
  • Comes with Inverter technologies that are smart is an effective method to manage the use of energy and reduce waste
  • It’s corrosion-resistant, and it can keep dust, insects or humidity remain at keep at bay


  • Few Users may find Alarms and Sounds are not loud enough

9. Panasonic Econavi 5 Star Built-In Heater Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This top-loading fully automated washing machine from Panasonic is economical and is great for families with 3-4 people. It comes with fifteen wash programs.

The active foam system effortlessly eliminates stains. It is suggested for garments with more white colors due to its two-step hot and cold rinse. Eco Aquabeat produces a strong scrub wash that delivers the most effective results every moment.

This washing machine guarantees that even the toughest of clothing can be easily cleaned, thanks to the great force of the swirling of the water and the detergent. The dimple-shaped jets gently clean even the dirtiest clothes and deliver excellent high-speed dry washing. The anti-tangle feature allows users to remove their clothes.


  • Size and Weight – 60×55 x 7 kgs
  • Form Factor Top loading
  • Name of Style – Touch Control
  • Warranty 2 years warranty on the product and 12 years for the Motors from Panasonic


  • It comes with an integrated heater that regulates the temperature of the water
  • It assists in eliminating this most challenging stain sebum, oil, and 99.99 percent of the bacteria
  • Controls noise, thus guaranteeing an unbeatable performance without vibration


  • In comparison to other brands, it’s an expensive product
  • Some users complain about the inability of the touch panel to work in a correct way

Washing Machine Buying Guide

As we’ve mentioned before, Fully automated washing machines are available in two varieties, namely top-loading and front-loading washers. Each is made available by various brands and each comes with its specific specifications and functions. The factors our experts assessed when choosing the best 10 washers fully automated in India included the following as the most important factors to consider:

1. Top Load Vs Front Load Washing Machine

Front and top load washing machines come with advantages as well as disadvantages. Top load washing machines have less capacity for washing and require a lot of water. They also consume much more power and require a long time to start than a front load washing machine. However, they are considerably more affordable. The front-load washing machines consume only 1/3 of the water and they provide top-quality washing with less time and consume less energy.

2. Price of Washing Machine in India

The two main factors to take into consideration when buying an appliance are the cost and the name. Most fully automated front load washers are priced higher than the top load washer. Additionally, the brand is an essential aspect in determining the warranties for after-sales services for instance. Be aware of your requirements and be wary of investing too much.

3. Hard water Vs Washing Machine

Washing machines in India aren’t able to handle hard water since the detergent cannot easily dissolve when in water that is hard. The pipes become blocked and may harm the drum as a result of the residue left by detergent that isn’t dissolved. Always choose the washing machine that has a hard water treatment system. It converts the hard water to soft water to provide better washes.

4. Number of Wash Programs in Washing Machine

It refers to different ways to wash various types of fabric, as some types require particular attention while washing. In general, you should expect to receive at minimum 6 washes program. The greater the number of programs offered is greater, the better your high quality. Therefore, be sure to research this feature prior to making a decision to purchase a washer.

5. Drum Size of Washing Machine

The dimension of the drum determines the capacity present in the machine. It is usually expressed in kgs. This will aid you in determining the number of things you are able to wash in one go. The choice depends on the size of your family can be. Most often the 7kg capacity washer is an ideal choice for families with 5-6 persons.

6. Easy Access to Detergent Dispenser

When you’re using an automated washing machine, for the first time you might not know what amount of soap you’re required to include in these washing machines. Therefore, using an automatic dispenser for detergent will help you get greater results by washing.

7. Noise and vibration levels

Now, this is an important factor while choosing your next washing machine. Remember more quieter your washing machine performs, the more quality and engineering design has gone into that specific brand. Noise can come from internal vibrations which means your washing machine life cycle can get reduced significantly. As a customer, you may have to face frequent breakdowns and more maintenance.

The ideal Noise level of the washing machine should be between 40 dB to 60 dB. Anything less than 40dB is considered a quieter and great quality washing machine.

8. Quality of Drum

Drums for washing are composed of a variety of different materials including porcelain, stainless steel, or even plastic, for instance. As a customer, we recommend you choose a stainless steel drum for your next washing machine because of its properties of being resistant to rust and is more durable than the other. Certain models that are high-end wash use plastic and are a good option.

9. Available Temperature Control

Based on the kind of cloth you must be able to alter the temperature of each cleaning process. For baby clothes, use high temperatures and then reverse. Temperature control your washing machine to regulate the cleaning temperature for a wash and you can select the required temperature based on how dirty are your cloth. It also helps kill some of the germs which may escape during the normal wash cycle.


Now, in case you have been trying to find the answer to which is the best washing machine in India, you will get a clear answer in the next segment where we discuss some of the best washing currently available in India from brands like Samsung, LG, IFB, and Bosch.

Best Washing Machine Faqs

These are answers to the top questions about buying automatic wash equipment in India.



We hope that our detailed analysis of some of the best-selling washing machines in India will help you make a better purchase decision. we believe that washing machine a necessity in our modern world and even all sections of society can afford a washing machine thanks to competitions and multiple offerings from various brands.