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Are you planning to buy an AC Comforter or a regular comforter blanket, trust me you will get confused with so many options and varieties available online. Take an example on Amazon, a simple search of comforter amazon India will bring multiple results in different price ranges and with brands you may not be aware of.

Although winter is still far but in case you want to buy a warm bedsheet, you can check our article on the Best warm bedsheets in India.

A lot of you might be wondering if comforters are required in summer, so let’s address this question here.

Are comforters good for summer?

In my opinion, if you use AC during summers, you should definitely use a comforter or duvets for that perfect cozy setup. I believe that instead of giving up your comforter or duvet completely try using a lightweight down comforter. You’ll still get the cozy feel, and although it won’t be as heavy as a traditional comforter, it will still give you some warmth when you need it. And if you’re looking for a quick way to change up the look of your room for summer, try switching out your duvet cover for one that’s more lightweight.

While Duvets or comforters can be related to winter but is a requirement if live in a relatively colder place or you use AC. While we Indians have long been using some of the best Rajai as we call it, made of natural cotton from the local market at times even customized and made with the help of street weavers local at home.

But like everything else, times are changing and people now prefer now more colorful, matching room ambiance and lightweight comforters and duvets.

Before we go into the detailed review of the Best comforters in India, let me quickly share our results.

List of Best AC Comforter

[amazon box=”B01LTI1KFU,B07MH7C7PP,B076BSCFHN,B08KDF1499,B08RYYYMQB,B08KTCGSQW,B00ESE2RIC,B08V8BYJWX,B078JLT63S,B07VJ8VFLC” template=”table”]

Microfiber Comforters are a true representation of the best of a quilt, as well as blankets! Comfortable, warm, cozy, and light comforters are gaining popularity and in a way have replaced heavy sheets and cushions.
We all want to snuggle into a cozy comforter and have a relaxing night’s rest because they’re warm and soft and extremely simple to use. In addition, modern bedding linen comes in different sizes, colors as well as gorgeous designs.

Difference between a Comforter, Duvets, and Quilt

Comforter describes a thick, heavy, and warm bed covering. A comforter is a fluffy piece of bedding, generally filled with fibers or down that provides insulation and warmth. Duvets are Fluffy feather-filled blankets specifically used as top layers on beds.

Duvets can come in a variety of natural materials or synthetics, like polyester. Quilts are also made from a cover and filling, so they are similar to duvets in many ways, although the covers to quilts do not have an envelope opening like duvet covers do. Also called quilt covers, these fabric covers will typically wrap fully around your duvet and fasten in the back with buttons or ties.

Our Research Methodology- How to buy the best comforter in India

There are multiple regions and well-reputed brands available in the market. We have done all the hard work and research to find out the best value-for-money comforter.

Let’s discuss some of the pointers we kept in money while coming up with this list.

1. Breathability and comfort level

Make sure to get the best soft comforters that are made with improved breathability and lower humidity. This is an essential feature in case you plan to use them often even under Air conditioning.

Natural Fillings of Comforters

Soft Touch Smooth, insulating, thermo-regulating. The lightest part of bird feathers. particularly goose
Feather Touch High-quality filling. Soft to the touch, although less than downward.

Types of Synthetic Fillings in Comforters

Hollow fiber selected Mimics the natural filling. Use on mid-range duvets.
Silicone and conjugated hollow fiber Lightweight, breathable, fluffy. Use on high-end duvets
Microfiber These are more breathable, insulating, and lightweight fabrics made from small air bubbles

2. Weight of comforter

We always recommend getting a lightweight at the same time fluffy enough comforter. Too much weight can significantly reduce your enjoyment and are good only for severe cold areas.

As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the weight, the heavier it is and the hotter it is. We can find 3 levels:

  • Low Weightage: Between 100 and 150 gram/m². These are called “summer” duvets. They are used in warmer climates and seasons. Very practical for use in rooms with an ambient temperature of around 20°.
  • Average weight: About 250 gram/m², also known as “between seasons” duvets. They are suitable for spring and autumn, for milder winters, or for warm homes. They are suitable for temperatures between 15 and 18°C.
  • Heavyweight: From 300 gram/m². We use them for heating in temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius.

3. Brand values and customer recall value

Brand Value is something we keep recommending before purchasing any product online. Remember products and brands which are available both online and offline tend to offer the same quality and you can be sure enough that your money will not go to waste.

4. Temperature control

If you’re a sleeper who is hot Our comforters can control the temperature so you don’t get sweaty because of humidity.

5. Quality of the Cloth (Natural Blend vs Synthetic)

Quality microfiber material is one that we recommend for comforters. These are made of ultra-soft materials that emit the most luxurious and rich feeling and remain soft for many decades to be.

A quality comforter is filled evenly with synthetic fibers and stitched. Because of its comfort and its lightweight weight, a comforter is now the most popular option. When choosing a comforter you must consider the size, weight, fill capacity (material used to fill it), and the quality of the fabric.

6. Thread Count

High thread count contributes to the comfort and softness and filling of a comforter. Keep in mind that a high thread count can range between 200-800 and even more. The comforter you purchase should not have less than 200, and greater than 800.

Thread Count Guide for Buying a Comforter:

  • Premium: 800+ threads In this instance, the thread count is determined by double-counting two-ply yarns. This doesn’t impact the durability of the yarn in any way.
  • Superior: 500 to 800 threads This segment is very similar to the 400-500 thread count range. The only difference between those segments lies in the usage of poly yarns instead of threads.
  • Great: 400 to 500 threads The numerous thread counts increase durability by better sewing of the material used for stuffing.
  • Good- 300-400 threads This is a sufficient amount to fill any standard comforter.

7. Size of Comforter

As a thumb rule, you should below measure before buying your next comforter.

  • Double: If your bed measures 135 cm, you must buy a comforter with a size of 220 x 220/240 cm.
  • Single: If you have an 80 cm or 90 cm bed, you should choose a 150 x 220 or 160 x 240 cm duvet.

Best Comforter in India | Best AC comforter in India

1. Solimo Microfiber Reversible Comforter, (Aqua Blue & Olive Green, 200 GSM)

[amazon box=”B01LTI1KFU” description=”Quality Comforter filled with 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester Solimo comforters are made for warmth and comfort.

They are ideal for use in warm winter months and in rooms that are air-conditioned They are suitable for everyday use even during Summers with AC on.”]

It has a high-quality finish for a Luxurious Look- Solimo Comforters are constructed from 100% microfiber shells to give a soft and luxurious feeling. The vibrantly colored comforter will add a splash of color to your bedroom and provide the ultimate quality of comfort for you and your loved ones.

2. Wakefit Reversible Siliconised Micropeach Polyester Comforter

[amazon box=”B07MH7C7PP” description=”This ultra-soft, reversible microfiber comforter is filled with hypoallergenic down alternative fill. It’s very easy to care for and comes in a variety of sizes that are perfect for any bed set.

We recommend washing before first use, to remove the excessive lint left over during the manufacturing process. Sewn corner and side loops mean you can secure your duvet cover at eight points instead of the traditional four – for added quality and security.”]

Breathability: It’s soft and fluffy comforters that are designed to improve airflow and lower humidity.

Temperature Control feature will adjust the temperature so that you don’t sweat because of humidity.

Soft and soft, warm and cozy sensation because these comforters are constructed out of soft fabrics that emit the most luxurious and luxurious feeling and remain soft for many the years to remain.

3. Solimo Animal Farm Microfibre Printed Quilt Blanket/Comforter

[amazon box=”B076BSCFHN” description=”It is a Very Soft & Lightweight Reversible Quilt filled with 120 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling. The quilt will keep you warm on cold winter nights and in AC during Summers.

You can enjoy a cozy Sleep with the assurance of a quilt that is hypoallergenic and helps keep allergies at bay. Its Solid Color Quilts are made of 100% ultra-soft microfiber, a unique blend of breathable fabrics that mimic the softness of cotton but dry much faster, keeping you feeling cool and refreshed all night long.”]

4. Livpure Microfiber Reversible 200 GSM Comforter, Double Size Duvet

[amazon box=”B08KDF1499″]

This luxurious microfiber comforter is perfect to use all year round.

The high-quality finish makes it rich and luxurious to the touch, while the hypo-allergenic material protects against allergens.

Box stitching will increase the life of your comforter by keeping filling evenly distributed

5. Divine Casa Microfibre All-Weather 150 GSM Reversible Double Bed Quilt Comforter Blanket

[amazon box=”B08RYYYMQB” description=”This all-weather quilt can be used in the summer as a regular quilt and in the winter as a blanket to keep you warm.

It has a microfiber filling and is made of 100% brushed microfiber. It is machine stitched to keep the filling in place for durability. Note: Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

It is a reversible Double Quilt Comforter with One side velvet and another side microfiber.

This one is Ideal for everyday use this quilt is lightweight yet keeps you warm and comfortable year-round.

Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry on low heat, and do not bleach, dry clean, or iron.”]

6. SleepyCat Microfiber 200 GSM Double Size Reversible Comforter

[amazon box=”B08KTCGSQW” description=”Sleep easy every night with the SleepyCat Microfiber Reversible Comforter. Designed for optimal adaptability and comfort, it keeps you warm in the winters and offers a subtle yet satisfying coolness during the summer months. To further extend its usage, the reversible comforter is fitted with pre-stitched loops that can neatly slip into duvet covers and button them in place for additional warmth.

With its 220 GSM microfiber fill and breathable microfiber outer fabric, this all-season reversible comforter will keep you warm throughout the year. The box-style stitching keeps the filling in place for a consistent fluffy look. “]

7. Swayam Magical Linea Stripes Cotton Double Comforter

[amazon box=”B00ESE2RIC”]

8. MEHAR HOME Glace Cotton Microfiber AC Comforter/Blanket/Duvet King Size Double Bed 

[amazon box=”B08V8BYJWX” description=” MEHAR HOME Glace Cotton Microfiber Double Bed AC Comforter Duvet Dohar Quilt / filled with Ultra-soft Microfiber With Same Design Bedsheet / is a perfect choice for home décor with its stunning looks, rich texture and easy maintenance.

The duvet comforter will keep you warm and snug at night as it helps you sleep better and reenergize for the day ahead.

You can use it as a lightweight blanket for spring and summer. The colors stay vibrant wash after wash and thus the set is easy to maintain without fading away after several washes.”]

9. Story@Home Cotton Satin Ultra Soft Comforter/ Duvet/ Quilt/ Razai Extra Long

[amazon box=”B078JLT63S”]

10. Cloth Fusion Pacifier Microfibre Reversible AC Comforter

[amazon box=”B07VJ8VFLC”]

Best Comforter Brands in India

In India, there are plenty of great comforter brands which are available online as well as at offline stores. Some of my favorite brands are

Amazon Solimo

This is one of the great brands from the house of Amazon. It is available in different colors and different GSM ranges, ready to be shipped to your doorstep. In our test, we found they offer great value for money features.


Wakefit brand is catching up quickly in India and they offer some of the finest home range products right from furniture to comforters. They have their own website as well as one can order directly from Amazon.

I have been a customer of wakefit Sofa, you can find our review here for the best sofa in India, and there has never been a greater feeling than a satisfied customer.


LivPure is also one of the emerging home shop brands in India. They have products right from water purifiers to furniture to comforters. In our review we found LivPure Comforter to be a Super-soft all-weather Reversible Comforter to help you have a comfortable sleep throughout the year. Their light comforters are great sleepers during winters and in summer.

Frequently asked questions on Comforter

What is GSM in Comforters?

GSM stands for “Grams per square meter” in the context of a comforter. It simply means on layman’s term is density and evenness of the comforter. The higher the GSM and the thicker is the comforter.

Which GSM comforter is best?

In our opinion, if you are buying a quality comforter from a reputed brand then you should look for at least 200 plus GSM to get the super fluffy and rich feeling.

Any GSM value beyond 300 is considered a great choice for a soft and fluffy, warm and cozy feel.

Is 250 GSM Comforter a good quality comforter?

The comforter can be filled with polyester, cotton, or other fibers like natural silk. The majority of comforters that fill in, or even if they aren’t specifically stated, are made of polyester fibers. Apart from the fiber’s quality, the filling made of polyester can also be weighted between 80-400 gsm. (Grams per square meter).

For the majority of bed coverlets type of comforter (or quilts, bedspreads) the filling is between 80 and 120 grams. They are great to use in summer or as an extra layer for winter. In the case of extremely warm weather, the kind of material you fill in isn’t suitable for winter.

For non-winter seasons such as the typical AC Comforter, it should weigh between 220-280 grams. They are ideal for fall, spring and winter, with a warm environment. They are the most popular fillings you will find on the market.

For Winter Comforter and if you are looking for a very warm comforter, then you’ll have to think about filling it with more than 300 grams. It’s not a hugely popular option in the market and it is possible that you will need an additional blanket that is combined. The weight of the polyester filling has anything to have to do with the cost of the comforter. The most crucial components are the comforter-facing backing fabrics.

Are Comforters and duvets suitable for people who are allergic to dust?

Natural fillings such as feathers and down are components that do not trap dust mites. This is because its temperature, light, and humidity conditions are not the most suitable for its development. Furthermore, the fabric forms an effective barrier against them. Furthermore, the quilts we find on the market must be authorized with different certificates.

Price of Comforter

The price of the comforter you want to buy will vary depending on the type you choose. Furthermore, it will also be influenced by its composition, weight, or even size. You should keep in mind that the most expensive comforter is not always the best.

Natural quilts usually come at a higher price. In particular, down duvets are the most expensive. This is because their filling is scarcer and more difficult to collect. There are even brands that exceed this price. However, those with synthetic filling are cheaper.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

The duvet/comforter especially with natural fillings are ideal for the whole family, due to their great versatility. They are lightweight, breathable, and very durable. Therefore, buying a comforter is a must for your home. Choosing the best comforter plays a crucial role in the sleep cycle.

It should be practical to sleep with maximum comfort. Now that you have all the information you need, choose the one that’s right for you. Your daily rest is very important for your health.