10 Best Home Office Desk India | Best study table in India (June 2022)

So you are looking for some of the best tables for your work-from-home office set up. Chances are you will get confused by so many options for an office desk or study table available online? We will cover all important buying aspects and research one should do before buying, but in case you have not bought an office chair you can refer to some of our other articles on the Best office chairs and Best Gaming chairs which can also complement as a plush office chair for home.

Well, you have arrived at the right place, I will be reviewing the best office desk which can also be used as a study table. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover all the important aspects and features one should look for in an office desk before making a purchase decision.

Although it depends on the available space, Personal Tastes, and Budget, there are a series of recommendations that you must comply with. In this office table buying guide, you will find both how the ideal candidate should be and a selection of models.

Before we go into a detailed review let me quickly share our list of the best office table in India. These office desks are ideal for work from home and even for students as study desks. These are ergonomically designed and carefully selected to best fit your needs of a home office.

Our Recommended List of Best study table in India

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Office Desk/ Study Table Buying Guide

1. The size of the table in the office

Well, this is a function of available space in your home. Therefore you will have to find space on the table to place the computer, the screen, the keyboard, and the mouse (there are 4 objects of a certain volume).  Therefore, we strongly suggest using tables that measure a minimum of 45 x 23 x 30 inches (LxBxH).

2. Storage Options 

Another important factor to take into consideration is storage. We went for tables that have at least 2 drawers/shelves/racks in them. These storages are crucial for keeping various items secure.

3. Design of Office table/desk

The shape of the work table allows us to play not only with the available area and distribution but also with style. Essentially we are going to find:

  • The rectangular ones are the most common.
  • In L – shaped, highly recommended to take advantage of corners, especially if we have little space available.
  • Those that are U-shaped offer a large work area, although they require spacious rooms. Or what is the same: if we are going to occupy a room to turn it into our office
  • In the opposite case, there are corner pieces, suitable for small spaces and small space needs.

4. Material of Woods and Frame

A work table can be made of a multitude of materials, but the most common are basically two: glass and wood. All types of tables are usually available in both types of materials, so the choice of one or the other will be more for aesthetic reasons than for functionality.

Glass Top office tables

When we talk about glass tables to work with, we usually refer to the material with which the tabletop is made. Their structure is usually metallic, although there are also glass tables with wooden structures.

That said, glass tables can be completely transparent or somewhat translucent. In both cases, they give a sober but functional and modern appearance.

Wooden office tables

In this case, both the structure and the tabletop are usually of the same material (see an exception in the attached image).

With a more classic appearance in general, wooden tables can be a good option to work at home if you need an aesthetic according to the furniture you already have. Natural tones (beech, walnut or cherry wood) are warmer, while white or black are more neutral. In general, lighter tones convey more calm, while darker tones are

5. Height of Table

The height of the table must be such that it allows us to keep the forearms resting on the armrests of the chair, letting the elbows form a right angle. This way we avoid the accumulation of tension in the upper back area.

The monitor must be at the level of our eyes and in front, the latter is extensive to keyboard and mouse. Thus, that it is adjustable in height is a feature to take into account when choosing a monitor.

Best Office Desk/ Study Table in India

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Frequently Asked Question on Office tables

1. What Should be the Ideal Price of an office table desk?

A good-looking and top-quality office desk is priced between INR between 6000 and 15000. This range of prices is due to of various features, sizes, and designs.

2. What are the different types of office desks?

There isn’t a single, uniform method of separating and understanding the various types of office desks that are available. Desks can be classified by purpose form, shape, material characteristics, and so on.

3. What is the typical size of a desk in an office?

We strongly recommend using a table size that is at least 45 by 23 inches and 30 inches (LxBxH).


We think that our recommendation will help you choose your best value for money office desk. We have taken into account multiple features before arriving at our list.

We believe our recommendations will make it easier to narrow your search to find the most effective Office Desks in India. We always recommend you to do your research and to get the best one for you, however, if you choose to buy one of the desks listed above ensure that you check the specifications thoroughly and be informed about your purchase.